Thursday, July 17, 2014

7 Months!

Oh, hello little cross-legged angel boy!  Declan would like to say, he is sorry that his 7 month post is a bit late, but you would never believe how clean his house has been recently. :)  A lot has gone on this past month, and updates are coming.  But first, the babydoll.

 The big boy is almost-kind of-a little bit-practically sitting up on his own! ;)  He still does his little topple and roll, so we have him in the Boppy always.  He prefers his belly still for playtime, and he is always chewing chewing on everything in sight.  Reilly said she had a dream last night that he ate a cracker.  I think him trying  to eat her Barbie dolls is affecting her. 

Speaking of chewing, he has 4 teeth!!  He just cut his little top tooth, and I'm super excited for him to look like a little handsome jack-o-lantern with one top tooth.

He is just over 20 pounds of pure giggling joy.  We started real foods this month!! He is having ground oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, prunes, avocados, bananas, and carrots.  All have been successful except for avocados, he was not happy with me that day. :)

 Mister Man is rolling around the floor, able to get to anything.  He is starting to reach and dive for really cool things like Mommy's keys, or his food!   He's definitely starting the moving and the shaking!

 Declan becomes the obsession of pretty much everyone who meets him.  He will flash you this giant grin as soon as you look at him.  You don't even have to be a "baby person" to fall in love, I watch it happen countless times a day. First they are asking what his name is, then he is giggling and laughing and smiling and they say they have never seen a happier baby in their life. And then I smile, and say the thing that makes most people hate me..."I know, he is like this all the time."  I can't take credit, he is a straight up blessing this happy little soul!

 Declan got in his little swim shirt and swim diaper and has been hitting up the pool this month!  He LOVES kicking and splashing on the steps, and when I hold him on my hip and dip him down into the water he laughs and laughs.

 If I had to pick a favorite past time of his, it would definitely be:
1. Watching his sisters
2. Chewing on anything, double points if it's a forbidden item, like Sissy's Buddy
3. Breast feeding
His eyes, his cheeks, his hair, they slay me.  Happy 7 months my precious angel boy!