Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Life Lately

Our computer is officially not working anymore, so you get a little post from my ipad...which has the fun benefit of ipad photos!  Which are a true snippet of daily life at home. :)  

This photo makes me laugh, because it is so our house lately. The kids are always waiting for, eating, asking for, or finishing a meal.  So much cooking, so much food.  I mean, it sounds funny to say out loud, but man kids eat a lot!  We are buying 2- 18 packs of eggs a week. And sometimes we are going through that before the week is over, depending on how much we bake. And I promise I am not feeding them eggs for dinner every night. I mean, it's just crazy, three whole growing humans! And Declan would still prefer to chew on crayons and chalk, which we tried to switch out for carrot sticks, but he caught on. 
Still my favorite thing, ever, in life is watching how they make each other laugh. On this particular day, Reilly was making Declan laugh a belly laugh fit for Santa Claus just by making faces at him. The girlfriends are going strong at 13 months of being absurdly obsessed with they brother.  I'm wondering if it will ever wear off, when he starts taking their toys or bothering them? Or maybe the sun will always rise and set on the little prince of the family.  Either way, the way the girls coo at him and cheer EVERY morning when he wakes up, is enough to make my heart grow Grinch-style every day. And count my blessings.  And apparently I am still stuck on Christmas. We might still have some lights up. The kids love em, what can I say.  

Here is pretending to be independent. When in actuality, he wants Mama yo hold him all day and pretend that he is still 3 months old. Nevermind that I can say words, blow my nose, feed myself with a spoon, and find the cabinet where the Ritz crackers are AND get the box out.  I will sit on the floor and call for my mamaaaaa until she carries me on her hip with her all around, every day. And it works, because she loves it too, and I have her wrapped around my chubby little finger.

Daddy asked Declan if he can get bigger super fast when the 3 girls were having an elaborate dinner conversation about ice cream stores, how we wanted some, which one was our favorite, when can we go back, and then Mama said, UGHH we are out of ice cream we need more!! And Daddy was surrounded by way too much ice cream-loving estrogen for his liking. ;)

Sometimes the girls are bickering and fighting over dolls, or markers, or coloring books. But then they huddle in our closet on our DIY wanna be Property Brothers snow day of closet makeovers, when they should be in bed, and have a tea party.  And I am reminded that the bickering happens. And will happen. The bickering is normal. Because the next minute, the whispers in the closet with pretend tea happen. And that will turn into real tea when they get older, and whispers under covers, and into cell phones, and over wine. And sisters can bicker like no one else, but they will realize soon that they'll never have a better damn tea party partner.  

And if I'm really really lucky, they'll tell me their closet secrets too.