Friday, October 26, 2012

The Princess and Her Froggie

 Every time Reilly and her Daddy go outside, and I mean EVERY time, Reilly asks him to find her a froggie.  She's obsessed.  She loves big ones, tiny ones, frogs and toads alike.  We have long since established that this is Daddy's little game, and Mommy has no part of it except picture snapping.  I will told the tiny ones, but only until they move then back into the wild they go.

The other day, she became particularly attached to this guy.  It's been getting to the time where we had to tell her that the froggie's go to sleep for the winter, but we found this guy sticking it out in the chilly weather!
 Man, did she love him.  Hubby said she kissed him no less than 94 times.  Awesome.  She hasn't gotten any kind of weird frog warts, so we're good.

 She knows that these things make me squirm, so she'll go "Mommy, you want him?!" and hold it out to me and giggle.  It's a little game she plays.  She does it with bugs too.  Thanks girl, take Daddy's side, I see how it is!

 Then Daddy came over and said, "Look Rei!  I found a worm!"  And she shared his excitement. 

 You see, I can put a ballerina bun in her hair.  I can put a frilly pink coat on her.  I can even put leopard printed rainboots on her.  But she's still going to want to run outside, jump in the puddles, and play with froggies.  :)
 This is her saying "Awww, my cute little froggie."

 I love her fearlessness and adventurous side.  She is the perfect mix of girly and country. 
The perfect mix, of Mommy and Daddy. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Papa Mommy!

Last week, we had my grandma come visit for a few days.  Reilly calls her "Papa Mommy", because that was how we explained to her who she was when she first met her.  The name stuck, because she loves her Papa and loves her Mommy, so was therefore fascinated to find out who PAPA'S Mommy was. :)

 And Reagan loved cuddling.  Speaking of LOVE, I could eat her face in this picture.  I just can't handle her. 

We had such a fun visit. Grandma loved spending time with the little angels, and talking often about me at that age.  It blew my mind to think that her coming to stay at my house, would be the same as me going to visit Reilly's daughter one day, and holding HER kids.  WHAT.  Will that really happen? The thought is crazy.  My mind can't comprehend the circle of life that far into the future.  It really is a miracle.

Papa Mommy and the girls and I went into town and walked around, and went to lunch at my new favorite place.  Grandma loved it, which  I knew she would.  We both had Ghirardelli hot chocolate with steamed milk and fresh whipped cream with our meal.  Seriously?  How could we not love this place?

Grandma passed down her ice cream obsession, and fresh whipped cream obsession to me.  I'm convinced it's passed down genetically, because the loves of these things runs that deep.

We played in the park and it was STUNNINGLY beautiful with all the trees changing color.  Great day to forget the camera, but we have our memories. :)  Grandma talked about when she was young, and I love hearing those stories.  I could listen to them all day.  She talked about going to school, getting her Doctorate, teaching, her time as a principal, going through the depression with her family, what her father did for a living, and my Poppy ancestors as well.  I love hearing where we come from.  I come from a line of shoemakers, interior designers, teachers, and musicians.  I'm grateful for the quality time we all got to spend with her, and I hope we get to do it again.

I keep looking at these pictures and imagining how it would feel to watch Reilly's children raising their children.  I can't stop trying to imagine it, but it's like trying to imagine eternity to me.  My brain can't comprehend it yet.  But I do know that when I get to that point, spending time with my children's children children...will be pretty amazing.  I'm happy we could give that gift to my grandma, who has always done so much for us.  We love you Papa Mommy!

Friday, October 19, 2012

One of my Favorite Things

 One of my favorite things about babies, is when they fall asleep in the middle of the room.

What's better than a little nap on the comfiest blanket in the house?

 Reagan's a fan.  She even arranged that little pillow/blankie scenario happening there.

And Reilly even woke up from her nap and WHISPERED for like 30 minutes to let her keep sleeping.  It was a sleepy peaceful afternoon, while Daddy worked in Mantown.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Papa's Game!

 This past weekend was a fun one!  We went to New York to go to Papa's game and have some fun family time.

Reilly got pom poms, and was a little cheerleader girl!

 Reagan was all snuggly at the game, in her matching tutus with Rei Rei. :)

 Reilly made a friend, who taught her how to cheerlead!

Beans loves her Mima!
 After the boys won, Reilly grabbed her nuts and went stomping onto the field looking for her Papa.  She actually got stopped by Security before she ran out on the field. Ha!

She found him!!  Good game Papa!
 They chatted about the game, and Reilly's opinions on how they could improve and such.  Papa really values Reilly's thoughts on these issues.
 Reilly ran up behind Papa so she could hear his speech.
 After the game, we went home and had dinner, and then took a late night trip to Toy's R Us after the babies were asleep!  Mommy and Daddy and Mima got lots of good stuff...Santa got all his shopping done for the girls already!  We had had some wine before we went, and when I ran over to the princess display and started twirling, my husband said he knew it was a big mistake to wine me up and take me to a toy store. :)

 The next day, we went to Hick's Nursery and relived our childhood!  I have too many memories here to count.  It was so much fun watching Reilly and Reagan loving Otto the ghost.

 Our girls love there Meems so much.
 Reilly like waving to Otto and blowing kisses, but not getting too close.  Reagan was a brave girl though!  I love this picture of her looking up at him.  Don't you think their faces kind of resemble each other?  :)

Reilly thinks it's funny that Otto has "his bow on his shirt".  She thinks it should be on his head. Ha.

Then Reilly and Reagan hopped on a hayride in their matching Boo-ti-Ful shirts.

 I have no words.  My heart explodes when I look at these faces.
 Mima and Papa and the girls!  Thank you for such a fun weekend!
 Reilly saw everyone eating roasted "torn" and just had to have it. :)

Behind them is a massive pumpkin!  Holy moly.

 We love our mini weekend vacays!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Our little Reagan Kate is 7 months old!  Holy macaroni!

She still seems like a tiny little bean to me though!  I don't even know if she is big or small for her age, she just is my little babygirl so she seems so small!

This month we have tried even more new foods!  We found out that the store-bought cereals don't agree with her, so I have been grinding my own oatmeal for her which has been working much better.  She now has carrots, greens beans, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, prunes, apples, bananas, nectarines, and peaches. Next up is pears, peas, and plums!  Not all together of course. :)

Beans is very close to sitting up.  She loves sitting with her Boppy, but as soon as she starts laughing or chewing on something, she topples to her side and onto her belly.  :)  Then she rolls and rolls around the room.

She is so interested in trying to get things that she shouldn't have!  Phones, remotes, wipes, diaper ointment, puzzle pieces, books...she wants to grab them, and chew on them.  Luckily Reilly is there to steer her in the right direction,  "Mommy, I am going to go take that away gently."

Her hair is growing in so well!  It is so thick and luscious, and looks like it might be curly like Mama's.

She started having lunch since last month!  About 4 cubes for breakfast (1 or 2 being oatmeal), 3 cubes for lunch, 4 cubes for dinner.  She is such a good little eater!  She gets so excited.  She just gobbles it right up, most times we don't even need a bib!

She is such a little lovie pants.  She and Reilly have started really chatting in the mornings and evenings - I just love it.  The other night Reagan was crying when we laid her down, and Reilly started singing to her "It's time to go to sleeeeeep!".  Then she started clapping, and we heard Reagan stop crying and start laughing.  Their relationship growing is so amazing, I thank God so often for the gift of their sisterhood.  Today in the car, Reagan was hungry and started getting upset, and Reilly said, "It's okay Reagan, don't cry, I'm right here!  I'm right next to you!"  Her kind heart just kills me. I love how they love each other.

Beans, we love your smile, your giggle, your happy little soul. We love your chunkies, and your curiosity.  We love you in the moon!
Here is Reagan being REALLY excited about sitting on her big sister's chair.  She clearly felt such pride to be such a big girl.  She started staring and giggling, it was hysterical!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We have had a crazy beginning to our week!  Daddy finished his season, and we had a really fun dinner with his whole team and their families.  But besides that, we had two doctor visits in two consecutive days!  Hopefully with some medicine, the little sickie girl should be on the mend!
Reagan's 7 month update coming soon!  :)  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ballerina Buns, and Many Faces

 Reilly has been very into buns lately.  She always wants her hair in a bun, and always compliments people's hair when they have buns.  She'll say "I like your bun!" to complete strangers.

So yesterday I tried the ballerina bun, and had to capture the cuteness.

Giggly giggly little pumpkin.

Here's a profile shot for Mima. :)  She loves that profile.

This is my favorite face that she makes.  She makes it a alot when she's sleepy, wakes up from nap, or is listening intently to a story I'm telling her.

Look at this cutey little face.  I love when she wears gray, because her eyes turn gray and become even more beautiful somehow.

Reagan did not want to be left out of the fun.  She thought she'd show you the wide array of faces she makes.  The layperson might this she looks surprised, but no.  She will elaborate.

 This is Confused Reagan.

This is Intrigued Reagan.

This is Amused Reagan.

This is Skeptical Reagan.

This is Interested Reagan.

But Reilly would like you all to know that she was the inventor of the wide-eyed face.  I would just like to know when this little chunky face...

...became this little beauty?