Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Little Girls

These are the happiest little beanies.  We have been doing lots of baking, fall cooking, painting, reading, snuggling, dancing, and learning lately.  This picture just makes me smile, my cozy little autumn girls.  My favorite feeling is on a sunny autumn day, when cooking or baking is taking place, the house is clean, and I am reading to my girls. I don't know why it brings such a feeling of contentment to me.  I thank God for these girls and their hardworking Daddy.

And sometimes there are days when it is rainy, an espadrille makes a dent in the wall, both girls pee through their outfits, mama's water bottle gets spilled over by a grabby little 6 month old, my painting gets smudged by a litt;e toddler finger, and the same toddler takes a spill off the kitchen chair. These are days that end with me painting Santa's beard orange on a Christmas ornament, and thus fear that my mind is actually gone. Even on these days...I am extremely thankful and grateful for my happy little girls.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Daddy's the Coach

 Our current favorite pastime is going to Daddy Dame.  We dress in somewhat flashy purple gear, and yell things like "GO DADDY'S PURPLE SHIRT!", because that's what Reilly thinks is a suitable thing to yell at sporting events.

We have matching shirts that say "Our Daddy is the Coach", in case somebody can't hear Reilly yelling "GO DADDYYYY!"

Reagan is Mama's good little girl and hangs out in her stroller or on our blanket in the sunshine.

Reilly has her snacks, colors in her books, plays with our sideline friends that she made, and cheers for the girls.  She loves bringing cookies to the girls at the end of the game.  Last game she went in their huddle!

We love going to support Daddy after all the work he puts in to the team.  And after a long day working and coaching, what could be cuter than seeing these two on the field?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last Minute Fun!

 My girls and I had an unexpected free weekend, and Daddy was busy with his practices already, so he suggested we take a last minute trip to Yew Nork.  We were so glad we did - we had oh so much fun!

We all got nice and recharged on our trip, and came back refreshed and ready to tackle the new school year.

Here are some snippets!

We went to a few amazing parks!  It was very hot and summery while we were there.

She adores her Papa!

 Mima and Reilly ran up and down the grassy hills.

 Raise your hand if you would think Reilly was her daughter if you saw us out in public, and I was just the nanny? :)
 Swings and slides...all she ever needs!

 There was even this amazing splash park!

She was overjoyed.
See those little holes behind her, she was stomping on them for several minutes, and then the cycle came around and it suddenly sprayed up on her!  She was so scared from the surprise, but soon started laughing and running around again. Cutest little thing.


 My wittle Weagan and I sat and cheered her on!

We had a picnic of sandwiches and strawberries and grapes at the park.

Mima's favorite thing to do - read to her girls!

Thank you for such a fun time fam fam!  We had such a nice break from our routine, and loved the bonus quality time with all of you.  And of course, we loved the Yogurt Crazy, or daily visit from Ice Cream Man that Papa treated us to. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the last night of summer...

(We have had computer problems, that is why there has been a lack of posting!)

 On the last night of summer, we have a little tradition.  We go to a little ice cream shop by our house, that is only open through labor day.  We were there on the night it opened for the summer, and we go on the night it closes.  We get the same thing every time we go (soft serve ice cream), and on this night, we throw in some french fries.

Sidenote:  Reilly didn't know the word french fry.  I considered it a personal victory.  She said, "Can I have one of those things?"

It was rainy and drizzly, so Rea Rea got a little beanie hat.  Which makes babies look like bank robbers, in my opinion.
I mean, what is more hilarious than that?

Mama said knock you out.

 Daddy told stories and said prayers.

And Mama sang "Mama's Song" (A Dream is a Wish).

It's a bittersweet night, the last night of summer...but a very sweet tradition.  We are excited for the new season!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Oh my goodness, I can't believe this little beanie is 6 months old!  We have had some very big developments this month with our angel cakes.
She is veryy close to sitting up on her own, but still not quite there!  She is tripod-ing now, where she supports herself on her hands when trying to sit up. And if I try to put her in her little seat and she doesn't want to be put down, she will shove her hands out to the side, keeping herself upright, like she's about to hop right out of the seat again!  It looks so funny.
 I can't handle her feeties in this picture.  This is just casual Reagan, chillin' in her sweats.

I seems I was right about her teething last month, because since then, girlfriend cut BOTH of her little bottom teeth!  Pretty much the cutest things ever.  She cut them about a week apart.  She now has the funny little face that she makes when she is sucking on her teethies.  And her new "tooth smile" we call it.

She is SO GOOD at grabbing different toys, and getting what she wants.  She will roll, squirm, inch, and shimmy around to get something that seem interesting to her.  Reilly has been so good lately, with less of "Rea Rea that's mine," and more of "Here you go Rea Rea, this is your Sophie!"

 Here is Reagan, making "her face". :)

Speaking of the Big Sister, she has a new routine that she adopted all by herself:  When Reagan cries, she sings very softly to her "Don't cry Reagan, don't cry Reagan..." until she stops.  It always works.  And then when she stops, she points at her looks at me very matter-of-factly and says, "She's happy now."
 As you can see, it's next to impossible to get a picture of this babygirl smiling.  I mean, really.  She's so unhappy all the time. ;)

Since last month, Rea Bean has starting all different foods!  We started with carrots, and have since had zucchini, peaches, and prunes, as well as oatmeal cereal.  She also has started going to sleep awake, with no crying (after many nights of painful cry-it-out sessions!).  Hardest part of parenthood right there, but when it's done, there is no feeling like it! 
Reilly will often say, "Mommy, put Reagan in her chair, and I will make her laugh."  It's her favorite pastime.  She loves having her own little audience, especially since this audience laughs at her constantly.  I love watching them interact more and more.  Reilly talks to her all the time, very quietly so I can't hear.  It's my favorite thing.

We had a doctor appointment yesterday, and she weighed 18 pounds!  Not much of a change from last time we were there.  She's still our little chunkies!  She is very healthy, and was such a brave girl for her shots.

This baby is just so pleasant. She makes our lives sweeter, and makes me appreciate the sweet quiet moments.  Whenever you pick her up, she smiles and coos, and makes you instantly glow inside. Her giggles fill me up with happiness.  And her contentment and peacefulness make me a better mommy.  We love you little beansy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vacay Rewind!

 My have we been busy in August!  Not bad busy, but fun busy.  Days full of playing and summer activities, weekends full of soaking up the weather, quality time, and traveling to see family.  We spend lots of family time together in the last weeks of August before school starts and our schedule starts to change.  But now that school is officially upon us, we are ready!  We are diving into the new season, learning lots of new things at home, making fun falls foods, and painting our t-shirts to get ready for Daddy's games!

I have finally gotten a chance to catch up on some pictures!  Here are some from our vacation fun. :)

We danced the night away, some of us way past our bedtime!

I love how you can tell how big Reilly is smiling in this picture, even though you can only see her cheek.  She still talks about when Cioci sang to her "on shage at the show".

Meems showed us some new dance moves.  Reilly's got them down, I'm still working on it...

We went to the Sesame Street party with Nessa!  It was pretty epic.  Lots of children. Lots of Elmo.  Candy and treats and games.  It was heaven for a two year old. 
It's funny to see Reilly in these overwhelming situations.  She gets quiet and shyer than normal, and makes this sweet face.  
 She played with this lip whistle for WEEKS.  She was obsessed.

Reagan observed the fun with Mima!

 Reilly did her first limbo!  She LOVED limbo.
 Then she earned her first medal.  And by earned, I mean she found a special egg in the candy scavenger hunt and was thus awarded a medal.  (Didn't I say it was epic?)

 My little sweet sisters.  Reagan looked so cute in that little outfit, I just couldn't stop squeezing her!

 Our family down by the creek!  On the staircase that Daddy built, and our new Christmas Card picture location!  Not bad for a picture with 2 tots at dinnertime, huh?

 What a handsome couple...thank you for taking us on our special trip each year...if you hadn't started this tradition, I wouldn't have met my handsome hubby.  Crazy to think that a decision about where to vacation as a family when I was 8, became the decision that helped shape the story of my life.

Just the girls on the dance floor!

 Practicing our ballet.  I die for Reilly's little outfit.

 My little beans.  Goodness gracious.
 Sisters, sisters!  I love it.  The difference in Reilly and Reagan's coloring still cracks me up.

 Handsome boys at dinner.  The restaurant had their favorite beer glasses, they were pumped.
 My little cutie pants with her restaurant bib.
 She loves going to "westaurants" with Mima and Papa!  Whenever we are going, we ask her what she wants to eat, and she says the same thing every time.  "I will go to the westaurant, and  I will have onion soup, and pasta, and beggabulls (vegeatables)." 

 Pretty pretty couple!  E's happy birthday dinner!

 And a photoshoot of Miss Reilly Belle entertaining us before our meal came.  Which, as a side note was one of the best meals we all had ever eaten.  A wonderful way to end a wonderful week!

A trip full of smiles!  Gets better every year.