Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last Minute Fun!

 My girls and I had an unexpected free weekend, and Daddy was busy with his practices already, so he suggested we take a last minute trip to Yew Nork.  We were so glad we did - we had oh so much fun!

We all got nice and recharged on our trip, and came back refreshed and ready to tackle the new school year.

Here are some snippets!

We went to a few amazing parks!  It was very hot and summery while we were there.

She adores her Papa!

 Mima and Reilly ran up and down the grassy hills.

 Raise your hand if you would think Reilly was her daughter if you saw us out in public, and I was just the nanny? :)
 Swings and slides...all she ever needs!

 There was even this amazing splash park!

She was overjoyed.
See those little holes behind her, she was stomping on them for several minutes, and then the cycle came around and it suddenly sprayed up on her!  She was so scared from the surprise, but soon started laughing and running around again. Cutest little thing.


 My wittle Weagan and I sat and cheered her on!

We had a picnic of sandwiches and strawberries and grapes at the park.

Mima's favorite thing to do - read to her girls!

Thank you for such a fun time fam fam!  We had such a nice break from our routine, and loved the bonus quality time with all of you.  And of course, we loved the Yogurt Crazy, or daily visit from Ice Cream Man that Papa treated us to. :)

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