Thursday, September 6, 2012


Oh my goodness, I can't believe this little beanie is 6 months old!  We have had some very big developments this month with our angel cakes.
She is veryy close to sitting up on her own, but still not quite there!  She is tripod-ing now, where she supports herself on her hands when trying to sit up. And if I try to put her in her little seat and she doesn't want to be put down, she will shove her hands out to the side, keeping herself upright, like she's about to hop right out of the seat again!  It looks so funny.
 I can't handle her feeties in this picture.  This is just casual Reagan, chillin' in her sweats.

I seems I was right about her teething last month, because since then, girlfriend cut BOTH of her little bottom teeth!  Pretty much the cutest things ever.  She cut them about a week apart.  She now has the funny little face that she makes when she is sucking on her teethies.  And her new "tooth smile" we call it.

She is SO GOOD at grabbing different toys, and getting what she wants.  She will roll, squirm, inch, and shimmy around to get something that seem interesting to her.  Reilly has been so good lately, with less of "Rea Rea that's mine," and more of "Here you go Rea Rea, this is your Sophie!"

 Here is Reagan, making "her face". :)

Speaking of the Big Sister, she has a new routine that she adopted all by herself:  When Reagan cries, she sings very softly to her "Don't cry Reagan, don't cry Reagan..." until she stops.  It always works.  And then when she stops, she points at her looks at me very matter-of-factly and says, "She's happy now."
 As you can see, it's next to impossible to get a picture of this babygirl smiling.  I mean, really.  She's so unhappy all the time. ;)

Since last month, Rea Bean has starting all different foods!  We started with carrots, and have since had zucchini, peaches, and prunes, as well as oatmeal cereal.  She also has started going to sleep awake, with no crying (after many nights of painful cry-it-out sessions!).  Hardest part of parenthood right there, but when it's done, there is no feeling like it! 
Reilly will often say, "Mommy, put Reagan in her chair, and I will make her laugh."  It's her favorite pastime.  She loves having her own little audience, especially since this audience laughs at her constantly.  I love watching them interact more and more.  Reilly talks to her all the time, very quietly so I can't hear.  It's my favorite thing.

We had a doctor appointment yesterday, and she weighed 18 pounds!  Not much of a change from last time we were there.  She's still our little chunkies!  She is very healthy, and was such a brave girl for her shots.

This baby is just so pleasant. She makes our lives sweeter, and makes me appreciate the sweet quiet moments.  Whenever you pick her up, she smiles and coos, and makes you instantly glow inside. Her giggles fill me up with happiness.  And her contentment and peacefulness make me a better mommy.  We love you little beansy.

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