Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Daddy's the Coach

 Our current favorite pastime is going to Daddy Dame.  We dress in somewhat flashy purple gear, and yell things like "GO DADDY'S PURPLE SHIRT!", because that's what Reilly thinks is a suitable thing to yell at sporting events.

We have matching shirts that say "Our Daddy is the Coach", in case somebody can't hear Reilly yelling "GO DADDYYYY!"

Reagan is Mama's good little girl and hangs out in her stroller or on our blanket in the sunshine.

Reilly has her snacks, colors in her books, plays with our sideline friends that she made, and cheers for the girls.  She loves bringing cookies to the girls at the end of the game.  Last game she went in their huddle!

We love going to support Daddy after all the work he puts in to the team.  And after a long day working and coaching, what could be cuter than seeing these two on the field?

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