Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Long Island Visit!

Recently, we went to Long Island for a few days to get out of our weird never ending winter and unmelting snow situation that we had here at home that seemed to last for months.  We forgot what grass felt like, and Long Island was ahead of us as far as snow melting went.  So we went in search of places to run!

We went for breakfast to Maureen's, and had so much fun!

I love this age when these 3 little snugglefaces can share one plate of pancakes.

Reilly had Reagan on her lap.  Reilly loves being big Sissy just as much as Reagan loves being the baby sissy.

This one blows me away, because I look at Reilly's face and I see Declan.  They are such little twinsies it's crazy.

Declan was laying on my hand everytime we said, "Aww".  He always gets so sleepy at snuggly at restaurants!

My little lover.  There is nothing like his hands around my neck.

This was Declan's first time on grass since last year!  I was so excited to see how he would react.  And he sat.  He sat in one spot, did not move and inch, for about 30 minutes while we played around him.  He would babble to us and whine if he wanted something.  But the little stinker didn't move from that spot! 
Girls getting ready to play "Red Light, Green Light"

Declan entertaining himself with his shoe. 

"Are we done with this yet? Can we go back inside now?"

(We had a few more occasions at home where he sat on a blanket, hated grass, and refused to move. But I have since got him accustomed to his surrounding and had a few talks with him regarding his outdoorsman/country boy roots, and now he is the dirtiest, muddiest, more curious little fellow outside!)
I felt I should include this photo, because we really couldn't stop laughing at Declan this day and his "when can we stop this outdoor nonsense" attitude. Look at his little smirk!

Giving Mama some side-eye.

Silly face girls!  And Declan's "Really?" face. 

My silly babies and I!

This trip we also went to Starbucks for Frappaccinos,  went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and went to the Long Island Fish Hatchery with our cousin Braeden! (Upon meeting the Easter Bunny, Reagan said, "He is vewy quiet. Just like Minnie Mouse at my Birday Pawty. She was vewy quiet too.") We also had a late night Yorgurt Crazy and Target shopping night with Aunt Mimi, where she did "Crazy Driving" with the cart and created a highlight of my children's life. :) 

Next time we go to Long Island...the return of the ICE CREAM MAN!

And now, we continue a months-long countdown to my big girl's birthday and birthday party :)