Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A New One!

Although the new year is under way, I wanted to share some special picture from our New Year celebration!  It was tons of fun, and very special.
First, these girls had quite the lengthy Rapunzel hair happening!  Since Rapunzel hair is Reilly's main goal in life thus far, she is pretty excited to be twins with her Mimi.
 This little man, his amazing sweater, and his big man hair had a TON of fun at the dinner table.  He loves a good spoon-bangin' meal. :)
I had the two handsomest dates of the night, if I do say so myself. I am so happy to have captured Declan's sleepy face.  I always say that his cheeks and his lips get bigger when he is tired, and he looks like a droopy little puppy.  Is there any better way to describe this face?
We went "out" for New Year's Eve for the first time ever this year.  We have always either been home, or at a low-key house party (even in our "crazy young" years, we always like being home), so when we decided to go out this year, we went ALL OUT.  Sparkles, sequins, the works!
 Kudos to the photographer for getting the balloons in this one...so festive!
Mima made a toast and started crying "happy tears" which always makes the kids CRACK up and start giggling and crying pretend happy tears.
HA these faces kill me!
Mimi hearts Declan Brett!
The kiddies went home soon after dinner to go to sleep, and the adults went out until 2015 started!
We had lots of fun, danced until we lost a shoe, cried at midnight, held hands and sang, had bacon and chicken fingers at 12:30 in the morning, and blinked and the night was over!  It was definitely a night to remember and cherish.
You know you will have a great year when it starts with cutting a line of people to get a dinner-sized plate of bacon, chicken fingers, and syrup to share with your loved ones. ;)