Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daddy's the Best!

 Daddy goes back to work today.  We are so grateful to have had the summer with him! We had so much fun.  Here is Reilly one day while folding laundry, when she insisted on wearing "Daddy's Dress" all around the house.
 She thought it was just about the funniest this ever.

So did I. :)

We love you Daddy!  We are so thankful for all that you do.  There is nothing as exciting as when you pull in the driveway.  We love you in the sun. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reagan's First Toothie!!

 So this picture has nothing to do with her tooth, except that this is how she has to nap lately so that her sister doesn't wake her and vice versa.  She likes Mama snuggles and living room nappies.

 So I guess none of these pictures have to do with teeth, since it is too small to take a picture of yet.  But it is there!  A little tiny bottom one.  I knew the drooling had to be for something!  And like Reilly, she never really had the teething crankiness (thank God!).

 I think it's so funny how her getting her tooth coincided with starting to eat food.  It's like her body was getting ready for all the yummy foods to come.

 I can't wait for all the cute little toothie faces and smiles!  Hubby loves her toothless smile.  I just have never seen anything happier than her toothless smile.  I can't imagine what her toothy smile will look like.

Congratulations on your first tooth, little babygirl!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Foodie!

 Reagan Kate had her first bites of cereal the other night!!  Her first food from a spoon, and her first taste of anything other than breastmilk. Here is how to first reacted to being put in her high chair:


This comes as no surprise to those that know Reagan.  She is just so happy about everything.
(Everything that is, except being put down in her crib at night.  We have rectified this with a special blankie and her "pinkie" as Reilly calls it.) 
But the main reason for her laughter and delight, was being at the same level and face to face with her BFFL.

Reilly was making her laugh, and just sat there watching her.  We had to go over the whole process with Reilly, since it is a change in her routine as well.  After all, previous to this night, Reagan online "ate the boobies" as she so delicately claims.  So we had (and have every day since) long chats about how Reagan now eats VERY SPECIFIC food that is just for babies, not Reilly's food.  We talk a lot about how food is one thing that Reilly and Reagan don't share right now. 

We have visions of almonds being shared over lunchtime conversation.  So we are being very clear with this process.

Reilly loves being a part of her mealtimes.  Everytime she sees me go near where we keep her "baby cereal", she says, "Reagan gunna eat? I will watch her." And then starts getting into her chair. I made carrots for Reagan the other day and was explaining to Reilly how we keep it in the ice cube trays and how it is baby food. She said, "This is Reagan's food?" I said yes.  Then she said, "I will watch her eat it." 

 There's the Rae Rae Face!!

Mommy, what's happening here?  Can't I just eat the boobies?

 Girlfriend did so well!! She ate up the cereal in minutes!  We were so proud of her.

 She looks slouchy here because this was the end of her meal, we have since been propping her on that side with a blanket.

Daddy giving babygirl her last bites!

It always is shocking to me how fast you go from just breastfeeding, to cereal for a few days, then BAM any food you want!  I mean, it's crazy really.  Why do these babies even need to eat those foods.  They are just babies.  They have plenty of adulthood time to be adults and eat FOOD.

Excuse me, while I go breastfeed my newborn. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Her Sister

No one, but no one, can make her laugh like her sister does. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Last week, my whole family was visiting so I am a little behind on the 5 month post.  However, the pictures were taken on the fourth, so they are accurate!

The pictures I took really display what we like to call "The Many Faces of Rae Rae".  Girlfirend makes SO many faces, and is so expressive!  I can't even believe some of the faces she makes are coming from a baby.

She is sitting up so straight!  She is close to sitting on her own, but is still very topple-y.  But she loves when I hold her up and she can see the world moving around her.  She is becoming so observant, and SO reactive to people.  She will smile at someone across the room if she sees that they are watching her.

(Mommy was being so funny that Rae Rae fell over. Good thing Daddy is fast!)

Our little beanie is discovering more and more about her world.  She clasps her hands now, and will grab and play with her feet when laying on her back.  It is so fun watching her learn every day.  And the hand-clasping looks like she's praying, the little angel!

She is drooling and teething (we think) up a storm, but no teeth yet.  She almost always needs something in her mouth to be chomping on.  Luckily, she does not seem too bothered by it yet (although she could be, but she is too happy to complain!)

She still LOVES being held, snuggled, or carried and will almost never be upset as long as she is.

She does her little raspberry noises, and is actually ticklish!  When we tickle her sides or her neck, and scrunches up and giggles!

She is officially rolling over!  She usually only does it in her crib though, which is so funny.  She isn't very anxious to do it anywhere else, but every time she is in her crib she rolls right over.  It is so funny, because she isn't very comfortable on her tummy usually, but lately she loves sleeping that way.

Here she is making her "chewing cud" face, which makes me think she is teething.  I love when she sucks on her lips or the inside of her mouth.

Girlfriends hair can just about hold a bow again!  It falls out constantly, and hangs on for dear life, but her hair is a-growing!  And it's coming in dark and thick!

Babydoll is still only having breastmilk, and we are starting all different foods this week!  Wish us luck!  I hope she enjoys eating that doesn't involve sucking. :)

I can't explain what a little joy this baby is. She is sitting next to me right now on the couch, chewing on her little Sophie giraffe.  She doesn't have a care in the world as long as someone she loves is near. 

Reilly still adores making her laugh.  Her favorite thing is finding new ways to make her laugh (which isn't hard because Reilly is Reagan's favorite person to laugh at).

My favorite things is out early morning snuggle time, before anyone else is awake after her first feeding at around 6:30.  Or when Daddy comes home and Reagan instantly starts laughing, because she has already caught on that Daddy coming home = fun time USA. Or when Reilly makes her laugh, and then she starts laughing too.  I hope they have a lot of those moments as they grow up.

A new favorite was last night when I was putting them to bed, I explained to Reilly that she didn't have to be sad if Reagan started crying in her crib.  The last few nights, Reagan would starts to cry, and then Reilly would cry as well, which is unlike her at bedtime.  I told her that if she talks to Reagan, it would make her feel better.  So when Reagan started crying, I heard Reilly from her crib saying, "It's okay Rae Rae. Don't cry, it's okay."  Then I went in to soothe her, and she said, "Maybe we should put on Rae Rae Music?", which is what she calls her mobile.  Moments like that at bedtime make up for all of the not-sharing moments we might have had during the day.  Because that is how a little 2 year old shows a little 5 month old that she loves her, in the quiet of their own room.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


The other night, instead of putting Reilly to bed at 7:00, we took her mini golfing!  What is summer for, anyway?  There is a little place by us that we are mildly obsessed with due to their soft serve ice cream. We  have a "usual" there that we have always gotten -Amazing.  Reilly gets a "mini" twist with chocolate sprinkles ("frentles").  We used to get her rainbow, until she started requesting chocolate.

She loved the "DOLF"!

Reagan was glad to be left alone for a bit, have some R&R while the rest of us were occupied. ;)
Oh hi, bean salad!!
Where did my ball go?!
She kept eyeing the windmill and asking if she could go touch "the big X going round and round".

She loved when I hit my ball, because I ran after it to watch where it went, and she followed me running and screaming.
She also loved running on the greens in all the little dips and hills.  This may or may not have been allowed - but I think it's a rite of passage for kiddies.

She makes everything so much fun.

I definitely followed her on these little hills.  Might be one of my favorite childhood memories, running on the mini golf hills.  Children are my excuse to be silly.

My little Reagan beans and I by the apple tree!

Just look at Reagan's face here.  Reilly was making funny faces and making her laugh, and she was CRACKING up!
She is infatuated with her sister.

Little giggle pants.

Could be one of my all-time fav pictures.  Reagan falling over laughing.  Reilly on cloud nine in her "ballerina".  Daddy and his girls.

It was a good reason to skip out on bedtime.  :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Mima and Papa have a bay window in there house that makes the perfect stage ("Shage").

Reilly said, "Lights! Camera! Action!"  and then she put on a show.
Dance, stomp, twirl, clap.

The skirt she is wearing was new, she got it as a gift the day before.  That morning she said, "I want to where my ballerina."
I just want to eat her.
Then she would find an inanimate object, and make it her "microphone".

But let's not let all this singing and dancing distract you from her strength.  She is still very strong!

I love her little feeties!  I can't wait to start her in dance and see if she likes it.  All signs point to "obsession". She is made for the shage. :)