Friday, August 3, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Mima and Papa have a bay window in there house that makes the perfect stage ("Shage").

Reilly said, "Lights! Camera! Action!"  and then she put on a show.
Dance, stomp, twirl, clap.

The skirt she is wearing was new, she got it as a gift the day before.  That morning she said, "I want to where my ballerina."
I just want to eat her.
Then she would find an inanimate object, and make it her "microphone".

But let's not let all this singing and dancing distract you from her strength.  She is still very strong!

I love her little feeties!  I can't wait to start her in dance and see if she likes it.  All signs point to "obsession". She is made for the shage. :)

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