Sunday, October 30, 2011

Merry Halloween!

 Love a Fairy, her Fairy Mama, and Pumpkin Pi.  I'll get a better picture of the Pumpkin Pi shirt, I made it for our math teacher. :)

We are saying Merry Halloween since we got almost a foot of snow this weekend, and it seriously confused our holidays!  We had hot chocolate, watched Elf, made Christmas ornaments, and then carved a pumpkin.  Sheesh!

Reilly is very excited for trick-or-treating and getting some candy!! Weee!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip to the Vineyards!

 A few weeks ago, we went to the wineries on eastern LI with family and great friends.  We had SO much fun!  And that is saying a lot, seeing that I was at a WINERY and I am PREGNANT.  Think about the catch-22 here people.  Just ponder it.  But it really was such a fun day - I didn't even miss the wine!

I'll let my pictures tell the story of the day!

Here is Reilly drinking from a juice box!  The first whole juice box she ever had!

 She was a pro!

Reilly and Maddie running to see the animals!  Cute little friends.

Reilly was WAY excited to be running so free to the animals!

 Could you just melt?  And yes, she is running.  And yes, 2 months ago she was barely walking.  She cracks me up.

 Hi goats!

 Here we are with the newborn baby pigs - they were literally the size of my hand.  I wanted to take it home with us.

 This is Reilly being sleepy and adorable with Auntie Mimi.  This is one of a small handful of days with no nap.  She doesn't get cranky (thankfully) just hilariously exhausted.

 Walks and lunchtime with Mima and Poppy.

 We lost the pants, because it was very warm!  It felt like a summer day.


 Snuggles with our bunny.

And a short while later, E was passed out at the table!

 And Rei had a mouth-full-a crackers!  Silly bean.

Thank you to all our loved ones for such a fun weekend!  Such wonderful memories!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Artist

 It's no secret that I love art, painting, creating, drawing, and the like.  Always have.  I've always dreamed of the days that I could put smocks on my kiddies, cover the kitchen in paper, and go splatter painting crazy.  Or finger paint.  Or feet paint.  Or something else equally fun and amazing and slightly crazy.

But I realized, you have to take baby steps.  For example, we tried starting with crayons - but Reilly liked the way they tasted.  So I decided to try colors pencils next.  Here is how it went down.

My favorite part is her tongue - as she tried to figure out how the pencil works.

Note: The squatting.  She  loves squatting.
Note: The eccentric outfit.  It was raining and we were comfy. And we love polka dots, mutually.

And she figured out how to hold it!  And...holds  her pencil better than I do.  Figures.

 No, Reilly, that's cool.  You would be a better artist than me.

I hope you always stick out your tongue when you concentrate.  It's hilarious and adorable.  Next up - pastels?!  Watercolors?!  Yay!

Note: Empty tupperware cabinet.  Classic.

Monday, October 24, 2011


 The other day, I decided to see how curly girlfriend's hair could get.  So I diffused it - just like Mama's hair!
Then I took this picture.  And it reminded me of one that I took when she was just a wee little one!

Tee hee!  Look at me little baldy!  She is sitting the same exact way, it's so funny!

 Here is the side view.  Just beautiful!

 Hi, angel.  You get prettier every day.

We're going to have so much fun doing hair together and playing dress up.  For now, stay my baby. Okay? Okay.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adventures With Daddy

 When Daddy comes home, Reilly will say the following things in the following order:
"Daddy! Daddy!"
(before he has both  feet in the door)
"UP! UP! UP!"
(once she is up)
"Out? Out? Out?"

She loves when Daddy comes home.  One of the many reasons, besides chasing her around and carrying her on his shoulders and having the energy of a puppy (or a toddler), is because he takes her outside on little adventures.  They don't even have to go out for long, but they go and study the outdoors.  He talks to her about the different trees and plants and animals, and they always bring me something interesting.

See that in her hand?  That is the interesting thing they brought me on this day.   Sometimes it's flowers, sometimes it's pretty leaves.  Sometimes it things that are alive.  Hubby said that Reilly will find something, and then turn around and say, "Mommy!" because she's so excited to bring it to me.

 Here they are, studying their find.

A teeny froggy!  So cute.  Hubby said she held it so gently, like she knew how he had to be held so she didn't squish him.

One time they brought me a tiny baby bunny, and the way he was holding it looked like it was a mouse and I freaked.  Good times.

Nothing beats adventures with Daddy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Until I Had A Toddler

These are some things that I have never done, and never imagined I could do...that is, until I had a toddler.

1. Picked up literally 500 things off the floor ever day.  And without ever being sure just HOW the socks got into the kitchen again, or the tupperware got under the crib.

2. Been completely amused, or rather doubled over in laughter, by one word or expression that comes out of a tiny little one year old.

3. Felt such extreme anger toward another child, when they cause intentional physical harm to my child.  Just as blown away I am by how much love Reilly has in her, I am just as blown away by how hateful children can be at the age of two.

4. Be able to fly out of bed at any hour by the sound of her cry.  Or her calling "Mommy! Mommy!", which she is undoubtedly realizing makes me melt, and is the quickest way to get me to run to her.

5. Been able to feel such intense pride for an accomplishment that isn't even mine.

6. Shared my favorite food, no matter how many times she says "More".  Just because she is so sweet (and says please).

7.  Had the stamina to sing the same song 65 times in one day (La La La La, Elmo's World!)

8.  Find the energy to dance around the house with her, while being 4 months pregnant and Reilly just wanting to nap.  If during my last pregnancy, you would have come up to me while I was laying on the couch, and told me "Next pregnancy, when you are this tired, you will get up and play chasing games around the house just to hear your baby giggle.", I would be shocked.  And wonder where I would find the energy.  And then probably go back to sleep.

9. Acquired a mother's instinct, at the age of 24, out of seemingly nowhere.  I know what it feels like now.  It's this tiny voice that says, "Hm.  That makes me nervous for some reason."  And then, your child gets hurt, and you wonder why you didn't listen immediately to that voice.  And you vow to always listen to that voice.  That's the mother's instinct. And when you see veteran mother's act on it, they seem like super heroes, and you wonder "Wow. How did they see that once coming? They just grabbed that choking hazard so fast, before I even saw it!"  That happens after years of the mother's instinct talking to you.  You hear it.  You get faster at acting on it.  But I realized it's not's just knowing your child.  Each mother knows their own baby so well, that they are able to know what will make a child smile, laugh, cry, fall down, or get scared. In turn, we become their voice and protector when they are too young to be it for themselves.  The mother's instinct, is THEIR instinct, before they can listen to it themselves.  This realization is more and more fascinating to me as Reilly becomes more mobile and independent.

10.  Be so excited to hold such a tiny little hand, all day long.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cheese Face

 You might recall what we called "The Cheese Face".  When we said, "Cheeeeeese!", Reilly would make this face.  And we loved it.


Her mismatched outfit makes me laugh in this picture. Tee hee. 

But now, she is a bit older, and her Cheese Face has evolved a little.  Now they are precious little giggle faces.

I just love you snuggle munchkin!  Your giggle lights up my world!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Winter Fashion Preview

 Here we have Reilly, coming down the runway with her newest winter fashion staple, her puffy pink jacket.  Perfect for all weather, that chilly mountain air, or shopping days with Mama.  However, shoes are recommended before braving the outdoors.  Check out Reilly's serious model face - I think she's a natural.

Oh, and that hood!  Check out that detail.  The faux fur is not only environmentally friendly, but it brings out her eyes!  Beautiful Reilly, just beautiful.

Coming soon, her winter accessories!  We can't wait to see what she's wearing.  Because if Reilly's wearing it, it is IN for this winter...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snack Time

 I've been noticing more and more that little lady like her snack times.  Rather than big meals, she likes to have smaller ones throughout the day.  I think this is a healthier way to eat anyway, and she's probably getting her habits from her grazing Mama.  The only tricky part means I am packing snacks constantly for us when we go out to the stores.  I'll pack anything healthy and portable - fruit, almond butter and banana sandwiches, raisins (her current obsession), crackers, soft Kashi granola bars, or little containers of edamame.

The other day, I was making oatmeal cookies, and snack time arrived.  So she had a little snack at my feet while I finished baking.  I think she felt very big.  Here she displays her "Big Sister in Charge" shirt. :)
 She apparently thought the container for the oatmeal would taste good.  I guess she saw me licking the batter, and wanted to get in on the action.

 Speaking of feeling big, I gave her some yogurt after her grapes, and she insisted on doing it herself.  She is not yet able to complete yogurt in mouth, whilst walking - but she tried!  There was only a little left, so I let her have fun - she looked so proud of herself!

 Her precious little profile, as she takes a break from watching the cookies bake to try and grab a bite of yogurt.  Such a munchkin.
So that is a little bit about our snacktime!  I'm just going to stare at her cheeks in the picture above for a while.  Ugh, I love them.