Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snack Time

 I've been noticing more and more that little lady like her snack times.  Rather than big meals, she likes to have smaller ones throughout the day.  I think this is a healthier way to eat anyway, and she's probably getting her habits from her grazing Mama.  The only tricky part means I am packing snacks constantly for us when we go out to the stores.  I'll pack anything healthy and portable - fruit, almond butter and banana sandwiches, raisins (her current obsession), crackers, soft Kashi granola bars, or little containers of edamame.

The other day, I was making oatmeal cookies, and snack time arrived.  So she had a little snack at my feet while I finished baking.  I think she felt very big.  Here she displays her "Big Sister in Charge" shirt. :)
 She apparently thought the container for the oatmeal would taste good.  I guess she saw me licking the batter, and wanted to get in on the action.

 Speaking of feeling big, I gave her some yogurt after her grapes, and she insisted on doing it herself.  She is not yet able to complete yogurt in mouth, whilst walking - but she tried!  There was only a little left, so I let her have fun - she looked so proud of herself!

 Her precious little profile, as she takes a break from watching the cookies bake to try and grab a bite of yogurt.  Such a munchkin.
So that is a little bit about our snacktime!  I'm just going to stare at her cheeks in the picture above for a while.  Ugh, I love them.

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