Friday, April 29, 2011

My Little Stinker

The other day I was baking cupcakes for Reilly's party. Baking and freezing, so as to save myself some work. This was the day that was very hot, so we were in and out, playing with the hose and on the lawn. I went in the fridge to get some eggs for my cupcakes, which I then had to separate. As I was in the fridge, Reilly made a bee-line right for the fridge. She loves it in there, I think because it's cold. So I thought, oh well, I'll let her chill out in the fridge while I crack four eggs.

Forgetting that now she can stand. And then I turned around, and saw this.

But my hands were covered in egg, so I just hurried up and tried to finish separating. I was on egg two. How much trouble could she really get into in there, anyway? And then I noticed something. She seemed....busy.

Busy eating a strawberry.

Look at her shirt - covered in the evidence. Her face looks like I haven't fed her in days, and this strawberry is her first meal. I couldn't stop laughing.

p.s. Her shirt says "My mom is the coolest". It's her favorite shirt - she told me.

The little stinker is officially into everything. Hide your strawberries.

Love & Berrylicious,
Dirt Road Mama

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Standing Firm

I thought the masses would like to know, that Reilly can now stand up. She can pull herself up on absolutely anything. She began standing two weekends ago, and made this face every single time she did it. She is so proud of herself. Then this past weekend, she realized she could stand up holding on to any surface - a person, a bathtub, a couch, a chair, even a closed refrigerator.

She is giving her Mama and Daddy a heart attack in the process. The funny thing is, she hasn't quite figured out how to sit yet. So she will stand and stand, and then cry because she is stuck. Or sometimes, she will plop down accidentally on her bum, and then burst into tears because of the shock of what just occurred. I of course try to reassure her that sitting is not frightening, and in fact, quite a good skill to have on hand in life. I love how she is so dainty that she is afraid of sitting. Cracks me right up.

So they other day when she stood, she then realized that there were some interesting books that that basket she was holding on to.

So she held on for dear life with one hand, and ventured in to grab one.

And then plopped in the basket. She didn't care. She really wanted that book.

I am so proud of her accomplishments. She has changed and learned SO much in the past two weeks, it's insane. She has not only learned to stand, and somewhat climb, but also to say so many more sounds. When people wave at her, she waves and says, "Buh-bye!" When she is bored, she will throw something on the floor and say, "Uh-oh!" clear as day. When we go into the bathroom at night to brush her teeth, she will start opening her mouth and going "Ah-ah-ah", before I even pick up her toothbrush. And besides saying "Hi Buddy", she will say "Hi Ba-Ba", when I say "Hi Baby" to her.

Watching her grow is most amazing thing. I think I say that every day, but it really is, I can't get over it. It is such an insane blessing, being her Mama.

Love & Accomplishments,

Dirt Road Mama

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Easter Bunny Came!

There are lots of pictures here, so I won't bother you with too many words.

Reilly is so excited that the Easter Bunny came!

I think we might be a bunny next Halloween. That nose is begging to be painted pink.

She totally knew it was for her, which was so fun!

And then all she wanted to do was hold a closed container of bubbles, so we had to help her a bit.

A new camera, just like Mama's!

A book about baby animals!

And her Easter "bucket" from Mima and Poppy!

Teeny chickies that chirp.

Teeny bunnies that hop!

Reilly holding on for dear life while we met the Easter bunny. Note to self: seek therapy prior to first trip to Disney.

We played outside on the deck.

And giggled!

I love her serious faces, just as much as her smiley ones.


We also had a lovely Easter lunch at Great-Grandma's house, but of course I left my camera home. I always forget one thing, and as long as it's not the baby I call it a good day.

We have a little tradition of having lamb and carrots as part of our Easter dinner. I was thinking about why these foods seemed so Eastery to me. Then I realized that lamb reminded me of Jesus, and that bunnies eat carrots. Isn't that funny?

Thank you, Lord, for all you did for us on the cross. The happiness and joy that we had on Easter reminds us that we will live forever in Heaven, because of Your sacrifice.

Love & Baby Chickie,

DR Mama

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reading Outside

Squinting in the sunshine.

Silly girls!
Sometimes all you need is a nice sunny day, your teeny bff, and some good books.

Love & My Girl,

DR Mama

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodness Gracious Me

So, remember my little tiny girl? WELL.

God help us. She cannot yet walk, but she has to be close. Because she sure can climb.

She started SITTING ON THE FLOOR. Sitting. Then she started reaching to get to my painting basket (behind that green ball there). Lots of off-limit things in there. Paints. Brushes. String. Oh, the glory of it all.

So she stood her little bare feeties up on my wedding album box (don't ask me why it's on my floor - I can't tell you), and then leaned. Leaning, leaning, and reaching. Then she looked at her feet, and began lifting her leg up. She's a girl on a mission.

What, Mama? I'm not doin' anything wrong. I just climbin'.

I look at these pictures, and I cant barely believe my eyes. I keep telling my Hubby that she is still a baby, and WAY too young for YoToddler yogurts. She finger-fed herself pieces of steak and sweet potato and carrots this week, but YoToddler is way too much. I stand firm.

Don't get me started on the fact that Gerber Puffs says "Graduates" on it. I mean, really?! Graduates?? She JUST came out of womb, and now she's graduating. It's lunacy, is what it is.

Love & Denial of Toddlerhood,

Dirt Road Mama

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Friends & A Glass of Wine

"I don't need to jet off to no vacation for a week,
I'd be happy to have a happy hour,
When I'm tired and I'm fried it gets me right back on my feet,
Any kind of red or white, a little sister time
It's every smart girls secret,
A good friend and a glass of wine."

I didn't write that, Leann did. But she was very right. This past weekend, my girlfriends from high school came to visit me. They got together with one another a few weeks back, and sent me an email saying, "We want to come visit you, which of these 2 weekends works for you?" It was one of the best emails I ever got. I missed these girls so much, and anyone with little ones knows what a relief it is to have someone just make the plans, and say, "We're coming!", rather than having to pack up and go somewhere. I was so excited, so thankful that they made the effort to come all the way to our house. It meant so much to me. And I love hostessing. And that was before I even knew the fun that was in store for us.

We all went separate places for college, but I think some friendships just withstand time. At least, I know this one does. As soon as we reconnected, it was as if no time had passed. We laughed and chatted and caught up and ate and drank and reminisced and stayed up later than I have in months. As the weekend went on, it was not only as if no time had passed, it was as if we had gone back in time. We giggled and did hair and makeup and shopped and talked in our pajamas and ate scones morning noon and night and made each other laugh.

Oh, and then there was this little chickie. I think they loved each other. Reilly has that way about her - she's such a sweet little angel that you just want to each her up with sugar on top. They instantly showered her with gifts and love, as if they'd known her all her life. And it sure warms a mama's heart when that happens.

A little ballerina tutu bathing suit, from Jen. [More on the gifts they brought us later. So perfect, it's like they know me. ;) ]

My little nudie girl and I.

My little charmer. Jen said that she smiles with her eyes as well as her mouth, and she is so right.

Our weekend was the epitome of good girlfriends reconnecting, relaxing, and vowing to never let so much time pass again. It wonderful to hear the stories of your friends, in the time that has passed, and having so much pride for what they have accomplished and how far we have all come since high school. But more than how far we have come, is how much has stayed the same. We clicked and connected the same way, my girls were just as sweet and real and silly and smart and hilarious. I loved how the same we were, together.

And she just fit right in with us girls! She started talking this weekend. NBD.

[NBD is a catchphrase meaning No Big Deal that we're making catch on in natural conversation.]

Anyway, she really did start talking on Saturday. Suddenly, it was like ALL of these sounds started coming out of her mouth! She can imitate almost anything. For example: She said "Poppy" (Pop-pa) and "Buddy"!! That's what Hubby calls her. She is amazing.

Ruffle bum. Just for fun. :)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Just saying.

We drank SkinnyGirl margaritas and went out dancing together.

We made toasts to us and curled each others hair. And then ran through monsoon rains.

It was all so much fun, I want to do it again every month!

I was super sad to see them go. And they were sad to leave the little munchkin.

I know that we will be in each other's lives, always. And that's a wonderful feeling. Thank you for coming, girls. Thank you for being you, and being such sweet sweet friends to me, and my girl.

(Sidenote - Hubby was here this weekend, too. He watched baby while we were silly, washed dishes while we slept in, and laughed and rolled his eyes at everything we said. I love you, Hubby.)

Love & SkinnyGirls,

DR Mama

Funny Bunny!

Only in the country can something like this happen. I mean, I walk outside my door, and there is
a beautiful little baby bunny sitting there in the grass! But the crazy part is, she didn't scurry off at the sight of me. She just...kind of stayed there, looking all content, and kind of curious. I was able to get so many good pictures of her! I was so excited, because this was like the cutest baby bunny I have ever seen.

You may be wondering how I knew she was a girl. Well, you'll see when you look at the pictures, she just looked so...pretty! There's no way this bunny was a boy.

I have a soft spot for bunnies. I never call them rabbits. They are all bunnies. Once, my dad and I saved a small newborn bunny that fell in our pool. It would fit in the palm of my hand. I saw it struggling, screamed, and my dad came and skimmed it out. Then I prepared a small cup of water and lettuce and put it next to the bush where he huddled all day. I swam all day nearby to give him space. I was so sad he wasn't eating or drinking, but he was breathing and just stayed there in the shade. Then, at 5:00 in the afternoon, his mama came hopping over with his brother. And they all snuggled together and jumped in circles, and then hopped off together. It was one of the happiest things I ever witnessed.

Another time, in 9th grade Biology, we had a bunny that I named Pinkie because he was albino and had pink ears, eyes, and nose. I loved him. I took him home for the summer and took care of him. Turns out...he hated me. He scratched and attacked me whenever I went near him. I still love bunnies, though.

Anyway, back to our photogenic lawn bunny. Here she is.

I told you she was cute!! And so girly, right?

Look, she even has little front bunny teeth coming in!

I think I want to take her in and adopt her. I will feed her carrots and take good care of her.

Maybe she's a friend of the Easter Bunny's? Dropping off some early goodies?

Love & Dress Up,

DR Mama

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Our little munchkin face. She is almost one year old. I can barely believe it. But I'm embracing it...the growing up. Pretty much because the circle of life forces me to. But, she is looking and acting like a one year old, and I found's really amazing. She is so so much fun! She is so smart and silly and I love everything I learn about her and her personality. She is a little person, and we find out more about the person she is every day. And we are loving it. I find new fun things that we can do together every single day. She is a complete little bundle of love. Here are some new things this month about our little angel.

[ My 11 month sign didn't last long...she kept trying to grab it...I decided to concentrate on the bunny ears :) ]

1. Well, as I reported early, she is now drinking whole milk once a day instead of mama's milk. It makes her look like such a big girl, holding her own bottle of milk. I mean, she has had bottles of breastmilk before, and water, but something about just pouring the milk right in. She's becoming a little person!

2. She is still eating new things every single day, and it now eating most of what we are eating! She has our dinner, chopped up so she can feed herself. It's so exciting watching her as she tastes all new things. Like ice cream!

3. She is making CRAZY funny sounds! She makes what sounds like conversation, kind of like "Yabba-Dabba-Do". She is clearly trying to communicate, so I talk back and sound like a crazy person.

4. Speaking of communication, we are teacher her more signs, and she has been learning the past few days how to appropriately use the sign for "please". It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, watching her sign.

5. When we read, she turns the page! She loves it and waits for it, and does it so perfectly and deliberately. She'll not only grab it and flip it, but then press the palm of her hand down on top of it to make sure to stays. It still makes me laugh.

6. She is very afraid of characters. We went somewhere where her Auntie V was dressed up like Puss n' Boots from Shrek 2, and she started hysterical crying! I felt so bad, I never thought she would be so scared. I guess no Easter Bunny pictures this year?

7. She is developing a real sense of humor, and we're getting such a kick out of her. The other day, Baby was standing holding on to the ottoman, and I was sitting next to her. Then Hubby sits down, and puts his feet right in our faces (not realizing, as a Red Sox game was on). So I looked at her and she looked at me, and I pretended to smell his feet and said, "P.U. Daddy!", and she starting HYSTERICAL laughing. She couldn't stop laughing, it was hilarious.

Then again yesterday, she picked up my water bottle, which I have with me all the time, and she knows she is not allowed to have it. So she is looking all sneaky as she holds it (it's 32 ounces, so she has a hard time holding it), and then I said, "Reilly, you know that's not yours." and put it on the table. She whined in protest, so I picked up her actual bottle with water in it and pretended to drink it, while saying, "Oh, okay, so it's okay if Mama has your water then?" She immediately stared and me, and then looked at Hubby and started cracking up laughing. It blows my mind how she knows what is funny now. I wasn't even acting overly silly - she just knew that the concept of Mama drinking from a baby bottle was funny. Crazy little girl.

8. She climbs. Occasionally, when she can't read certain things. I obviously got a picture of it, and will be posting about it next week. She has not yet mastered pulling herself up to standing, but she climbs. Awesome.

9. She still loves eating everything, but she's learning. When we go outside and play in the grass or the creeks, she'll pick up the dried little leaves and crunch them in her hand with the biggest smile on her face. I totally get her - because she is me - I loved different sounds and textures when I was little. So I let her explore, until she decides she wants to taste it. But she is stopping without protest now, and hopefully this in-the-mouth phase will end soon.

But it's not likely, as I was eating everything until I was 3 and I swallowed a penny. I have a distinct memory of the whole night - playing with the penny, wondering what it tasted like, putting in my mouth, thinking the metallic taste was strong but interesting, accidentally swallowing it, telling only my 4 year old sister and making her promise not to tell mom and dad, and a night in the ER after she told mom and dad because she was responsible out of the womb. God help me if we have this experience with Rei Rei!

10. She loves other children, and things that they all live to play and talk to her. Literally ANY children - they could be 10, and she will see them and started laughing and kicking and watch everything they do. I'm totally seeing her be a social butterfly like her Dad and running up to children saying, "Hi, wanna be my fwend?"

11. She is obsessed with her Daddy, as always, but is not becoming increasingly more aware of his presence, when he comes home from work, etc. We went to visit him at work the other day and she nearly jumped out of my arms when she saw him. She giggles like there's no tomorrow when he comes home from work. If she is awake when he leaves the house at all, she will crawl over to the door, stand up on her knees tapping the door with her hands saying "Da-da-da-da". Cutest thing ever.

Until yesterday - when THIS became the cutest thing ever. She woke up from her nap right around the time that Hubby came home. She wasn't crying, just kicking around in there, and I know how much he loves going in her room to pick her up, so I waited to get her till he came home. He came home a few minutes later, walked in her room, and said, "HI BUDDY!" Let me tell you - I have never heard her react like this before. I think she was in overload of "oh my gosh Daddy is home" as well as "oh my gosh Daddy is picking me up from nap" because he is not usually home for that. She started squealing and screaming and laughing and flailing SO loud, that we both died laughing. She laughed for so long, it was like she couldn't stop! Just by seeing him.

Now I'd like us all to take a moment, and look at that flippin' sweater that she's wearing. Look at the flippin' ruffle sleeves!! I can't take it.