Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Friends & A Glass of Wine

"I don't need to jet off to no vacation for a week,
I'd be happy to have a happy hour,
When I'm tired and I'm fried it gets me right back on my feet,
Any kind of red or white, a little sister time
It's every smart girls secret,
A good friend and a glass of wine."

I didn't write that, Leann did. But she was very right. This past weekend, my girlfriends from high school came to visit me. They got together with one another a few weeks back, and sent me an email saying, "We want to come visit you, which of these 2 weekends works for you?" It was one of the best emails I ever got. I missed these girls so much, and anyone with little ones knows what a relief it is to have someone just make the plans, and say, "We're coming!", rather than having to pack up and go somewhere. I was so excited, so thankful that they made the effort to come all the way to our house. It meant so much to me. And I love hostessing. And that was before I even knew the fun that was in store for us.

We all went separate places for college, but I think some friendships just withstand time. At least, I know this one does. As soon as we reconnected, it was as if no time had passed. We laughed and chatted and caught up and ate and drank and reminisced and stayed up later than I have in months. As the weekend went on, it was not only as if no time had passed, it was as if we had gone back in time. We giggled and did hair and makeup and shopped and talked in our pajamas and ate scones morning noon and night and made each other laugh.

Oh, and then there was this little chickie. I think they loved each other. Reilly has that way about her - she's such a sweet little angel that you just want to each her up with sugar on top. They instantly showered her with gifts and love, as if they'd known her all her life. And it sure warms a mama's heart when that happens.

A little ballerina tutu bathing suit, from Jen. [More on the gifts they brought us later. So perfect, it's like they know me. ;) ]

My little nudie girl and I.

My little charmer. Jen said that she smiles with her eyes as well as her mouth, and she is so right.

Our weekend was the epitome of good girlfriends reconnecting, relaxing, and vowing to never let so much time pass again. It wonderful to hear the stories of your friends, in the time that has passed, and having so much pride for what they have accomplished and how far we have all come since high school. But more than how far we have come, is how much has stayed the same. We clicked and connected the same way, my girls were just as sweet and real and silly and smart and hilarious. I loved how the same we were, together.

And she just fit right in with us girls! She started talking this weekend. NBD.

[NBD is a catchphrase meaning No Big Deal that we're making catch on in natural conversation.]

Anyway, she really did start talking on Saturday. Suddenly, it was like ALL of these sounds started coming out of her mouth! She can imitate almost anything. For example: She said "Poppy" (Pop-pa) and "Buddy"!! That's what Hubby calls her. She is amazing.

Ruffle bum. Just for fun. :)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Just saying.

We drank SkinnyGirl margaritas and went out dancing together.

We made toasts to us and curled each others hair. And then ran through monsoon rains.

It was all so much fun, I want to do it again every month!

I was super sad to see them go. And they were sad to leave the little munchkin.

I know that we will be in each other's lives, always. And that's a wonderful feeling. Thank you for coming, girls. Thank you for being you, and being such sweet sweet friends to me, and my girl.

(Sidenote - Hubby was here this weekend, too. He watched baby while we were silly, washed dishes while we slept in, and laughed and rolled his eyes at everything we said. I love you, Hubby.)

Love & SkinnyGirls,

DR Mama

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