Thursday, April 28, 2011

Standing Firm

I thought the masses would like to know, that Reilly can now stand up. She can pull herself up on absolutely anything. She began standing two weekends ago, and made this face every single time she did it. She is so proud of herself. Then this past weekend, she realized she could stand up holding on to any surface - a person, a bathtub, a couch, a chair, even a closed refrigerator.

She is giving her Mama and Daddy a heart attack in the process. The funny thing is, she hasn't quite figured out how to sit yet. So she will stand and stand, and then cry because she is stuck. Or sometimes, she will plop down accidentally on her bum, and then burst into tears because of the shock of what just occurred. I of course try to reassure her that sitting is not frightening, and in fact, quite a good skill to have on hand in life. I love how she is so dainty that she is afraid of sitting. Cracks me right up.

So they other day when she stood, she then realized that there were some interesting books that that basket she was holding on to.

So she held on for dear life with one hand, and ventured in to grab one.

And then plopped in the basket. She didn't care. She really wanted that book.

I am so proud of her accomplishments. She has changed and learned SO much in the past two weeks, it's insane. She has not only learned to stand, and somewhat climb, but also to say so many more sounds. When people wave at her, she waves and says, "Buh-bye!" When she is bored, she will throw something on the floor and say, "Uh-oh!" clear as day. When we go into the bathroom at night to brush her teeth, she will start opening her mouth and going "Ah-ah-ah", before I even pick up her toothbrush. And besides saying "Hi Buddy", she will say "Hi Ba-Ba", when I say "Hi Baby" to her.

Watching her grow is most amazing thing. I think I say that every day, but it really is, I can't get over it. It is such an insane blessing, being her Mama.

Love & Accomplishments,

Dirt Road Mama

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