Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Things

1. Today, Baby was sitting on the floor playing, and it was time for her small handful of Cheerios while I prepared her breakfast. I actually considered putting the Cheerios in front of her on the floor. That's how clean and pretty they are. But then I realized we would literally be eating off of the floors, and I chuckled and put her in her high chair.

2. My floors no longer squeak. They are silent, amazing floors!! Thank you Carmine!

3. Yesterday we went to visit Daddy at work, and came out the door and met us outside. As soon as he came out the door, Babygirl started giggling and bouncing so excitedly in my arms that she almost bounced right out of my arms. And his face lit up just as bright to see his girls. Just about melted my heart.

4. Sometimes, when doing home improvement projects, such as floors or painting, it is necessary to sneakily trap your child in a barricade of fun.

See? She is so surrounded by toys and goodness, she hardly realized that she is being contained there. Score. 5. Reilly kneels a lot lately. I think it's close to standing, because she will also do a "downward facing dog" position, where to lifts herself up on her feel and her hands. It's really funny. But I honestly do not mind if she's close to standing...I help her practice when she wants to, and encourage her to take her time. She will have plenty of years to stand and walk. Not very long of her precious, excited, exploratory crawling. I cherish it.

6. Reilly has been imitating me saying different words. She imitates sounds and inflections all the time, but yesterday and this morning she started saying "All done!" after I do when we're done eating. I say, "AAAAAAALL Done!" And she says, "Ahhhhhh D-!" In the same exact tone. It's hilarious.

7. Reilly breastfeeds about 3 times a day (morning, naptime, bedtime). I have a half gallon that Hubby bought of organic whole milk, in an effort to wean her onto it. I have yet to open it. I will, I promise. Maybe for her naptime feeding. Maybe dinner. No, breakfast will definitely be better. Who needs cows, anyway? Stupid cows. I can't handle this growing up thing!

8. Does anyone want to buy me a dishwasher? It can either be
a: an actual dish washing machine or
b: a person who comes and washes my dishes daily. Preferably after dinner. I hate dishes. Well, I only hate the dirty ones.

The End.

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