Friday, April 29, 2011

My Little Stinker

The other day I was baking cupcakes for Reilly's party. Baking and freezing, so as to save myself some work. This was the day that was very hot, so we were in and out, playing with the hose and on the lawn. I went in the fridge to get some eggs for my cupcakes, which I then had to separate. As I was in the fridge, Reilly made a bee-line right for the fridge. She loves it in there, I think because it's cold. So I thought, oh well, I'll let her chill out in the fridge while I crack four eggs.

Forgetting that now she can stand. And then I turned around, and saw this.

But my hands were covered in egg, so I just hurried up and tried to finish separating. I was on egg two. How much trouble could she really get into in there, anyway? And then I noticed something. She seemed....busy.

Busy eating a strawberry.

Look at her shirt - covered in the evidence. Her face looks like I haven't fed her in days, and this strawberry is her first meal. I couldn't stop laughing.

p.s. Her shirt says "My mom is the coolest". It's her favorite shirt - she told me.

The little stinker is officially into everything. Hide your strawberries.

Love & Berrylicious,
Dirt Road Mama

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