Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snug as Bug in a Rug

Don't worry, we have no bugs in our rugs.

All hail the genius that invented area rugs. Easy, comfy, warm, and disposable. Just my kind of rug - the one you can chuck and replace when it takes too much wear and tear. I have been scouring websites for the perfect area rug since we decided we were replacing the floors. I have the simplest, plainest, taste...and it was so hard to find a rug I liked! No patterns, no craziness, just simple. Every rug I found that suited my taste, was either an outdoor rug, or was made of some tough scratchy fiber that I can't imagine baby would want to roll on.

I wish I could have shopped around in person, feeling rugs and such. But living where I do, that just ain't realistic. And plus, if we were to go to stores, the supply in-store is always so limited, chances of them having a rug that I liked (since it's apparently a rare style) would be slim. And of course, there's budget to consider...I didn't want to spend a fortune.

And then, I found it. At JC Penney.com, there it was, calling out to me. It was the exact rug that I described to Hubby, asking him why oh why nobody made a rug like the one I saw in my head? The funny part is, it is the same brand as the couches we bought three years ago, the roman shades we bought a year ago, and the curtains we bought a few months ago. This brand calls out to me, it seems. It was a little bit made for me. And bonus - it was 60% off with free shipping. I was SO excited about our rug.

But I wasn't the only one who was excited.

Da-da this is the best rug I ever saw in my whole life! It is exactly what Mama has been talking about for weeks now!

C'mon, hurry, Da-da we have lotsa playin' to do!! Let's crawl around and roll ballies and play rolly-polly!

Mama was so right, this rug matches our house perfectly! Great choice, Mama!

I knew I liked having my little side-kick around. She loves shopping, and agrees with everything I say! She sure is her Mama's girl!

Here is a full shot of the rug. And a bouncy ball. Except a few hours after this picture was taken, baby spilled my water bottle of juice on it. So, there's that. I love stains.

Love & Area Rugs,

Dirt Road Mama

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