Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wean. Whine. Wahhhh.

So, although I will be calling her babygirl until she is 55, I think it's time to tell you that babygirl will be a year old in about a month. Holy moly. I can't believe what a little angel she is, and is growing into. But that is for another highly emotional post, reflecting on our year. This is to update on the breastfeeding. When people asked how long I planned on breastfeeding, I would say, "I'm hoping to go through a year!" That was my dream, the goal, the plan.

And just yesterday, my girlfriend said to me, "Can you believe you did it? You breastfed her for a whole year. That's such an accomplishment." And I really is. I am so happy that Hubby and I were able to do that for our babygirl, and it makes me even more confident that we can do it for our next ones. It really is just as much his accomplishment as mine - a total and complete joint effort. Sure, the nourishment comes from my literal body - but I needed so much help. To be able to provide such a labor of love, such a physical sacrifice to our baby, I needed someone to be holding me up as well. And Hubby surpassed any expectations I might have had. He filled my giant water bottle up at all hours, any time of day, for a whole year. He made sure I had books, computer, nourishment, anything I might need. While I was helping baby, he was helping me. He helped make breastfeeding the most relaxing part of every day - once the sleep deprivation subsided.

So we did it! And babygirl is so healthy for it. And it's time to wean. And I want to cry. Partially because it means my girl is growing up, partially because it's become one of my favorite times of day with my baby, partially because I just love how we cuddle and she relaxes and is so happy and full afterward. She is so soothed by it, and how could a mama not love what brings that calmness to your baby? But I do think it's time. My head does, not my heart. My head knows it's time - and I want her palate to grow and mature to love every glorious delicacy in the world. To start to help her in the endeavor, besides giving her artichoke heart for lunch (yes, I did it), I must first wean her. I know it's only the first of many ways that I will let go of her a little bit, so that she can grow into her own beautiful person. I did my part for her infant health the best I possibly could, and now it's time to move forward. And do the best I can there, too.

Yes, I'm hormonal, why do you ask?

So anyway, I started giving her whole organic milk right before her nap, around her lunchtime feeding. And guess what?

She sucked it right down. Not only did she suck it right down, but she sucked it down, fell asleep, and napped for 2 hours. Geez, Rei. It's like I was never here. I mean, you could have cried a little - put up a little bit of a protest. Something!

I mean, it's good. No, it's really good. You are well adjusted, and easy going, and content, and easy to please, and happy to go along with whatever I feed you. I mean, I give you pesto pasta with roasted cauliflower and rejoice when you gobble it up, I should be just as happy now, right?

Right. It's great. Weaning is going so smoothly. Great times.

And I'll try to put out of my mind that I was just replaced, rather quickly, by a cow.

Love & Moo,

Dirt Road Mama

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