Thursday, April 14, 2011

We All Scream!

My day has come. It is not a secret that ice cream is my favorite food group. And recently, babygirl had her first ice cream experience. Now I can take her for cones after ever doctor appointment like I've been dreaming about since she is a newborn! Or after she is such a good girl while we go shopping! Or every Tuesday night! WOO HOO!

It also helps that almost every ice cream place around us offers little baby cones for A DOLLAR. It really says that on the sign - the sizes are listed as Baby, Small, Medium, Large. Not kiddie - BABY. I just love when things are a dollar. Especially when they are tiny things fit for a baby. And made of ice cream.

Funny story - I have been staring at that "Baby" sized cone for years, before I even had a Reilly in my womb, dreaming of the day we had a wittle one to bring with us on our ice cream trips.

Here we are right before she first tasted ice cream. Do you think she knew it was for her?

Her first little bite!

Reilly going to town, while Daddy keeps Mama's cone under control.

Daddy had a turn, because Mama had enough time away from her sprinkle-covered goodness. And it was melting. I didn't want to waste any sprinkles!

So, she's hooked. We collectively, as a family, are obsessed with ice cream. Hubby pretends that he only eats it to be nice and join me in the fun. I think it started out that way, but now he's just as addicted at the rest of us. Reilly may have already had her second ice cream trip as well. She shared Daddy's cone.

I love introducing her to new things, especially things I love and hope she will love too. And especially when it means I get to have ice cream.

Love & Baby Cones,

Dirt Road Mama

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