Sunday, April 10, 2011


Guess what!! As of today, I have been blogging for one whole year! It's my blogiversary! Which I think is a great word. I just thought I should acknowledge how fun it has been writing and capturing and sharing and photographing and documenting. And if you read and you enjoy my ramblings and constant obsession with our babygirl, I thank you. It's fun bouncing my thoughts out, and knowing that people receive and enjoy them. Or at the very least tolerate them. :) Now we have a big 0-1 coming up soon, and all my party-planning endeavors have gone to that (and a certain bridal shower), so I'm not throwing a party for my blog this year. Maybe next year. But in honor of one year of blogging, Reilly and I played some games.

Hey Mamaaaaaa?!

Wanna play blocks??

Sure thing babygirl! Then do you want to read some books?

Okay, Mama, that sounds fun! Can I turn the pages?

Of course, Rei Rei.
But before we read, don't forget your reading glasses!

Tee hee, Mama, you're silly dilly!

And after we read, want to have some lunch?


Yes, because you were so polite.

Hey Baby?

Yes, Mama?

You're pretty. Even with yogurt on your face.

Thank you, Mama.

Love & YoBaby face,

DR Mama

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