Friday, August 20, 2010

She Said Yes.

You may remember my Sissy, previous posts. If you have not read about her, feel free to laugh your bum off here and here. She is one of a kind, that girl.

And now, she is a BRIDE!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, my sister got engaged to the love of her life, EB. Sissy and EB are perfect for each other. Well, they are just perfect in general. They compliment each other in the most wonderful ways - opposites in some respects, perfect companions in others.Allow me to give you a little glimpse into Sissy and EB's life together.

This is probably the day they met. Luckily, their sister is a stalker and lunatic with the camera, and decided to take paparazzi pictures of them in their early days. They met at training to be Resident Assistant's at our college. We were all RA's - Hubby, Sissy, EB and I. I know, so cute, right?

Anywho, here they are. Don't be fooled - underneath those baggy sweats and chinstrap, is a genius. I'm not kidding, he is so smart. I mean, obviously, look who he chose for a wifey! But seriously, he is a nurse manager at a hospital in New York, and one of the hardest working and most intelligent people I know. Like, knows all the Jeopardy answers and does Thursday crossword puzzles smart.

Which is how one of the ways he is so compatible with "working on my second Master's degree" Sissy. Talk about acing your way through college. Now street smarts, are a bit of a different story - but that's where EB helps her out a bit. And Sissy brings spice to his life - she's always keeping him laughing. And I mean always. They're two peas, I tell ya.

Which bring me to their first day of school together. Look at these little babies! Sissy and her books and fro yo! All ready for class. I don't even think they were exclusively dating yet here...however there was an incident in the Dining Hall where a girl came up to EB and started flirting, and I may have stated that "I'll smack a bitch.", if anyone came near him.

He knew right away that I was protective, I believe. Did I ever mention that most of Sissy's boyfriend's were frightened of me? It's true. Not EB though - we've been his Seester since the beginning. What they had together was always right.

This is from Sissy's twenty-first birthday. Let's just say...EB is holding her hair. Great times, great people. The next day, Hubby and I were there when EB and Sissy first said they loved each other. It was a beautiful moment that the four of us will always carry in our hearts.

It did not take long for EB to become a member of our family, and Sissy a member of his. He is a brother to my Hubby and Matthew, he is a fellow Giants fan - which enhanced the love exponentially. Hubby loves EB - so much that he was a groomsman in our wedding. And he a master of the grill and pool boy for my Mama - reasons of which she will one day build him a shrine.

Lastly, he is already an Uncle. We all know Sissy's obsession (understatement) with this little babygirl...but EB's love for her is quieter. He holds her, and talks to her, and teaches her lessons of music legends and anatomy of the human body. He loves this little girl, which shows me how much he loves my Sissy, and will one day love their little green-eyed beautiful babies.

God has made the timing perfect for these two. They are more in love than I have ever seen them. They golf together, cook together, grow together. Since they have met, I have seen them both grow as selfless, caring individuals, as a part of a loving and understanding couple. I think they were always meant to start their lives together right now - because Reilly can be there to see it.

Sissy and EB - don't listen to those who may tell you otherwise - marriage is amazing. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is another way that God shows us love, and for us to show God's love to everyone. You two are starting your happiest years.

As for me? Well...I'm an MOH. Matron, that is. Gross word. But I have a few words to share with the world....


Don't worry - engagement pics and ring pics to follow!

Love to my happy bride and groom,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. Sooo exciting!!!
    Oh, as I'm sitting here, Maddie is looking at your blog with me and she said, "that's Melissa!" I honestly wasn't sure if she would know that, but she did, with no coaxing!!

    And, I'm sad to say, but Brett is no longer "Butt"... she pointed to the picture of you two with Reilly and said, "Kate and Brett have their baby"...
    So, no "butt" anymore...

    So excited for you to be a MOH and for Melissa and Eric...

  2. Sister.......these words are so beautiful. You have all of us in tears over here! I love you so much. Thank you for your sweet words about EB and I...and thank you for your marriage words of wisdom. You are one smart 23 year old hot mama you!
    Love always and always,
    Your sis
    Aka. Bride-to-be

    And amanda....speaking of smart...I'M SO IMPRESSED WITH MADDIE!!! Facial recognition from pictures at her age is so advanced...especially people she doesn't see everyday! She is smart just like here mama I guess! Love youu and miss you!! Xoxo

  3. Can't wait to see the engagement and ring pics!! Post soon PLEASE!!!

  4. Amanda - I'm also impressed by Maddie, as always!! I love that she knows Reilly, can't wait till they meet!

    Sissy - I meant every word! :) It was fun reflected on our memories through my pics. How funny is that pic of EB on your birthday? Good times...Love you Bridey!