Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dirt Road Sissy, Part 2

[For Part 1 of Stories of my Sissy, click here. I promise, you won't be sorry.]

A Girl & Her Crackberry
Scene: Our maternity photo shoot, by the river at our house.

So this past Saturday, Hubby & I had a maternity photo shoot to begin to document our babies life. Poor baby's first word will probably be "camera". That, or "Mama, get that camera out of my face." Anyway, a full post about the shoot will be coming soon. For now, we reflect on a girl and her Blackberry.

Sissy and I are very similar, but we differ in a few ways. One way, is our choice of cell phone. I choose the free cell phone. The one that dials numbers, and receives calls. Those are my requirements for a cell phone. Oh, and I never text. Never ever. If you text me, you won't get a response. I'll just call you. I don't do it to be rude, I just think it's more efficient. And I think texting is creating an upcoming generation of anti-social young people who can't hold a conversation. But that's another story for another time. Don't get me wrong, Hubby is a texter, I don't hate on texters. I just don't participate in the phenomenon. In conclusion, I don't even get service at my house, so my phone usability is limited.

Sista on the other hand, has the Blackberry. The Crackberry, as I so fondly refer to it. Because I think those who have one, are mildly addicted. And they are in denial of the severity of the addiction, much like those addicted to things like...I don't know...crack. Anywho, she BBMs. And texts. And just all around loves her fancy phone. I think it's funny how opposite our taste and use of cell phones are. So she was having withdrawals over the weekend, while at my service-less house. But she was staying strong, and making us proud. I had faith that she could make it through till Sunday.

Back to the shoot.

Mama took some pictures to document the memory for me. These are the essential tools that were carried along with us. My camera bag, Mama & Sissy's wine (ANY DAY NOW PEOPLE! ANY DAY AND I'M A WINO RE-BORN!), and...what's that pink thing? Sister's Blackberry. Now you may be wondering, why did she bring the Blackberry down to the River, when there was no service? Well I'll tell you. I don't know the answer. But I think she just likes to hold it sometimes. Just kidding, but really I don't know why it came with us. But it was there.

So here we are, being photographed, minding our own business. (There's Gina, of Gina Lenz Photography! Hi, Gina!) Suddenly, I see something out of the corner of my eye.

And it was something similar to this. Sister, what's wrong?! What happened?? Well, see that railing behind her? The uneven one, leading a very steep staircase down the bank, to the River? Well, she gently placed Blackberry down on that very railing. And it gently slid off the railing, falling into the wooded brushy abyss somewhere below.

And panic spread across the nations.

Now, Sister immediately began trying to descend down the steep (VERY steep, people!) bank, to save her beloved. Brett and I were still being photographed, and we couldn't mess up Gina's vibe, so he couldn't help her right then. So he screamed to her, "Do not go down there! There's poison ivy everywhere!" See, he wanted her to wait 5 minutes so he could help her and she would not hurt herself. So he brought up what he knows to scare any non-country person: poison ivy. That, or ticks. Very frightening, to us people who are not of the country since birth!

So he fibbed a bit, but it worked and she waited for him to get it for her. I see it!!

Look at her desperate addicted hand, reaching down to save her baby!

So this happened later the same afternoon as the Dunk incident. Only you, Sista. I'm convinced only she could have dropped her Blackberry into the abyss of the natural world. Another beautiful memory for the books!

And there is a part 3, which will be documented in the upcoming photo shoot post. Until next time! :)


dirt road Mama

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