Monday, May 31, 2010

The Camera Loves Her

I promise Gina Lenz does not pay me to keep writing about her on my blog. I am just such a fan of her work! Wait till you see the pictures she captures of my little Belle. You'll agree. It'll make you want to have a baby just so she can photograph it for you.

Not that I'm recommending it. I do not condone procreation purely to take gorgeous photos. But I'm just saying. These picture may make you want to procreate.

Gina did awesome research about newborn photography and had such great ideas. It was 90 degrees in the studio so baby wouldn't mind being naked.

No one realized that it would also make the rest of us want to be naked as well. Don't worry, I refrained. Aside from the breastfeeding break.

But as long as baby was comfy! Doesn't she look comfy?

Look at what a little teeny beanie she is!

Go Gina Go!

Look at proud Daddy standing by. Ugh. I love him.

She's such a star. Maybe I'll make her famous like the Olsen twins.

Or not.

This is part of Gina's studio. Please ignore the clothing bags, diaper bags, water bottles, and receiving blankets strewn about. Try to appreciate the beauty and style prior to us taking it over. Isn't it pretty? I love that chair.

It has a very homey, relaxing feel. She puts chocolate and cheese out for munching. By the end of the shoot, I realized I was barefoot and my shoes were on the other side of the room. I felt so at home I took off my shoes without realizing it. I'll blame the 90 degree heat. Yeah, that's it. I thought I was at the beach.

Daddy & his girl. Well, one of them. He's only got 2, for the record. And also for the record, his shorts and sandals did not show up in photos. Just the slick black top. I like to keep things straight on the record.

And I may have said some things related to the following:

"Gina, I'll understand if you want to make Reilly the front page of your website."

"Honestly, our baby is so adorable. I think she'll get you lots of newborn shoots when people see her picture."

Husband told Gina to ignore my conceitedness. I insisted that it is not conceit, because I wasn't saying I should be a model! I was saying my baby should be a model!

I mean, sure, I grew her inside me...but I don't think it counts as bragging...more as complimenting another human being!

Or really, complimenting God. Great job, God, on making such a gorgeous human being, and letting us raise her. Mama's around the world, don't you agree?? Bragging about our babies is really just giving props to the Man Himself.

You'll find I really can rationalize anything.
Coming soon: Why I think ice cream is a completely healthy dinner. Especially in the summer.

P.S. Thank you Gina, for helping us celebrate her life! :)

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