Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Was Bound To Happen.

Yesterday was a beautiful day with Mima (my Mama) and Reilly! We had a fun little adventure out to the local garden store. I'm not taking Rei into any public places until she's a bit older, due to the amount of germs and diseases on strangers, and her susceptibility to them at her age. My doctor actually said "Do not go into Wal-Mart with her." I said no problemo. Now I'm a Wal-Mart fan, but my baby doesn't need to have her Wal-Mart debut until she is awake more than she's sleeping. And maybe till she's a little bit bigger than a banana.

So as I was saying, we went to the garden store only because it was outdoors. Beautiful fresh air, and mama needed basil. I walked around with my tray of plants, and Mima held Reilly in a little blanket swaddle. She was just 2 weeks old, and looks like a little banana in her blanket. The workers were smiling at us as we passed, because we were those people with the teeny weeny baby. We couldn't stop smiling either.

As we paid, I asked the garden store worker some questions about my purchases and planting. There was an older woman standing behind us on line, who asked how old she was. Mima pulled the blanket off her head so she could see her. We both turned and smiled, responded "2 weeks!" and gazed admiringly at our little sugar bean. The woman remarked at how teeny and cute she was, as I turned to pay.

Then she said it. It was bound to happen.

Lady to my Mama: Is she your first?
My Mama: Well...she's my first grandchild!
Lady: OH dear! (puts her hand on her head)
Me: She's MY first! (smiles)
Lady: Well, she is adorable, congratulations!
Me and My mama: THANK YOU!

We really are just one in the same. And she is so gorgeous, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Reilly Belle, you have some darn good genes in you babygirl!

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