Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby R's Maternity Shoot

This past weekend, we had a maternity photo shoot with Gina Lenz Photography. We had the best time! Half of the session took place in her studio, and then we came down to the River and on our dirt road. Of course, dirt road Mama needed some dirt road shots!

Gina was so great and made us feel so relaxed. I'm so excited to see the pictures!

Hi girls! Thank you for putting up with all of our shenanigans!

What shenanigans, you ask? Well, it is possible that my sister, as a final event to a hysterical day, had a wine spillage accident. And ended up washing off in a creek, in order to prevent her clothes from staining. This was clearly a recommendation by my Hubby, the country man. Although I did not expect Sister to take his advice of bathing in the creek. But alas, the next thing I know, I see this...

If you're wondering what she is saying, she's telling my Mama to stop snapping pictures. Go, Mama. Capture those memories! And in case you were also wondering, this was in fact her first glass of wine. If the spill/creek swim had been a result of wine consumption, that story would have been run of the mill. Normal. Commonplace. But no, it was her first. Which makes it oh so very individual to Sister's life.

Meantime, we continued with photos. Or we tried. Check out that belly! Man baby, you are getting big! Wanna come out soon?

No? Not just yet? Okay I'll keep waiting for you.

Primarily because I have absolutely no say in the matter.

Daddy's talking to you baby! Don't you want to meet him? He's really fun. You should come out and say hi. No? Not just yet? Okay I'll stop that now. I could do this all day. The waiting is making me loopy.

One day baby, we will look at this picture and reminisce about how young we look. And how excited we were to meet you. And how big you have gotten. And then you will probably make fun of our clothes. And then go fly off in your car, because dirt roads are soo last year.

But for now, we'll just wait for you. Until you decide it's time to make your debut. Until then, we love you!


  1. so sweet. i wanted to cry when i read the last part. you are a good mama! ;)

  2. We love you, your hubby, our grandchild and our family!!xoxo

  3. ok so 1. your so cute and i cant wait to see your pictures 2. I was Dying laughing Out loud at the mel story fricken hilarious!! gotta love that girl!!!