Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Make Me Laugh

When I observe my Hubby for a short while, on any given day, certain things just make me laugh. Now, I'm not talking about how funny he is and the fact that he makes me die laughing on any given day for a plethora of reasons. This is when I observe him doing every day things, in his normal every day way. What makes me laugh about his every-dayness, is how very very differently our minds work.

I wrote briefly about left and right brained people, and how Hubby and I are so very opposite. But the best way to truly understand it is to see how we do things every day. And so I bring you, some examples. Just so you can sleep tonight.

Example 1: List Making. Believe it or not, we are both list-makers to an extent. Well, that's pretty similar, right?! Wrong. One day Hubby had to remember a bunch of things. First, I suggested writing it down. No. That wouldn't fly. He did not want to carry around a pretty perfect piece of paper with a neat list written with a beautifully colored Sharpie. [Hint: That's how I roll.] Okay, then. Let's make a fun poem to help you remember the list! No, no. That won't do either. He told me he does not need my help remembering his list. He just remembers that he needs 7 things. And he will never forget what they are.

Excuse me? How can that be? You just remember a number? How does this help?
Then I thought that maybe not everyone thinks like I do. And maybe their minds work differently. Supposedly. But I still think making a poem and visualizing the items works better.

Example 2: Measuring. I'm sure you can guess who likes measuring. And who maybe does not value measuring as much. This passed weekend, Hubby was putting up a giant clock for my Mama in her living room. It was very exciting. We bought a giant ladder. We had Gorilla Hooks and tools and levels in preparation. And then there was the "Make sure it is centered!" conversation. So how does Hubby make sure that it is centered? Well, he measures out an isosceles triangle, of course!

Here he is measuring his triangle to find the center. Ain't he cute?
Now please note, Hubby teaches geometry. He loves geometry. And using it in everyday life. Don't get me wrong, I really love math. And I am so much better off being married to Husband, because I actually do realize how much math can be used every day. That being said, let's talk about how I do things...

I may have mentioned before that I'm a painter. This is a sign I sold for Mother's Day this year. I am asked a lot of questions about my painting, but most often is, "How do you paint so straight?" I'll tell you - I don't know. I don't ever measure. I don't measure to make the letters straight, I don't measure to make the phrases centered on the wood. Now, you may notice, that the bottom sentence is not centered under the top sentence. So guess what? I embellished with a flower. That's just how I roll. The colors I use are impulsive decisions, not planned. The fonts I use are pretty much decided as I put paint brush to wood. I don't really plan, I don't think too much about what I will do, I just have to let the creativity go. No time for measuring! Not that I don't think it would be useful...but that's just not how I want my artwork to be. I like it being free, I like making "mistakes", and then painting flowers and having it look so pretty.

So there is a little insight into our measuring, numerated, creative, painting marriage. And I have many more stories of Husband and his interesting mathematical ways. Some people think that he is a teacher, but he is actually a mathematician. There is no other subject that he could ever teach - he was born to teach Math. It's just so fun watching him live and breath his profession. And I know that I was born to paint. I just love that what we do for a living infuses every inch of our life. Passion is so important. And when you are passionate about life, and about your work, it's a beautiful thing.

Smile today,

dirt road Mama


  1. Kate...in the third to last sentence you said "every inch of our life"...was that a pun? or just coincedence?

    The differences between Trav and I make us laugh everyday too :) We're so different and so alike @ the same time. It's wonderful and occassionally frustrating!

    L, Mary

  2. HAHA Mary that was a total accident! How fun. I know, it really is so funny!