Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look Around Your World, Pretty Baby it everything you hoped it'd be?

Our baby is here!! I have never been so happy. Life has been a blur of bliss for the past 36 hours. Well, after the most horrific pain I have ever experienced, then it became bliss :)
Reilly's birth story will be coming soon. It will be multiple parts, because I'm telling you, it's one that is unlike anything you have heard before. It was perfect and amazing and painful and unbelieveable and shocking and scary and inspiring and blessed. Labor was the most emotional experience I have ever had, and it still keeps replaying in my mind. It was my favorite day of my whole life.
And now we have a little perfect babygirl. Our little tiny banana. Reilly Belle. The belle of the ball. Our wrinkly little peanut. She was born 6.5 pounds, and 18 inches long. She is such a teeny little beanie!! Daddy is so smitten with her. He keeps tell her she is tied for the most beautiful girl in the whole world. We have spent most of our time just staring at her, and it's our favorite thing to do.
Honestly, she is the cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I really don't think I'm biased. I couldn't ever have imagined her being so insanely adorable. Or light haired and blue eyed! Which Hubby knew since day 1! Everytime I said, "I wonder what the baby will look like...", he said he pictured her a girl, and he always pictures her blonde and blue eyed!

Being a Mama is already my favorite thing I've ever done. I feel like she is my little best girl. And I just get to snuggle her all the time.
Thank you, God, for our glimpse into what heaven will be.


  1. Oh I can't even express how happy I am for you!!! I feel the same way about my labor... it was the best experience I've ever been through (not that it felt the best physically, but that it was emotionally!!)
    She's absolutely beautiful Kate!! (and for the record, I thought it was going to be a girl too!)

  2. Thank you God for giving all of us a glimpse of heaven! you are blessed my love! I am so happy to have two babygirls in my life now!!! :)

  3. She's adorable, Kate! I'm so excited for you and Brett, and now I can't wait (even more!) for our turn :)