Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Friday Musings

1. This is my on my 21st birthday. This picture makes me chuckle. Anywho, as of today, I am 37 weeks pregnant. That's "full term". Doctor says I can go any day. Thus begins the waiting game. It's a fun game. And scary, at the same time. Yes, I'm waiting for my little bundle of joy to join the world and be smothered by my love. But I'm also waiting for the onset of what is rumored to be the worst paint of my life. I think it's all talk. I think it will tickle. [Right Allie?]

2. Today is my last day of work. Not my last for maternity leave, my last for a really long time. As in, years. As in, I'll be a stay at home mama! Hence the name of my blog. I'm very excited, but it's very surreal! I don't fully believe it yet. I'll let you know what it hits me. Today is my last day of work. Nope, hasn't hit me yet.

3. It's very interesting to me that everyone sees my belly and asks how I feel, or if I need help, or to put down that basket of laundry. Okay, that last one is only Hubby. But even strangers seem concerned and only want me to rest. It's so natural and beautiful to me that my sole job is to take care of my body, and wait for my angel. And it seems like the whole world knows it.

Like yesterday morning, Hubby and I went to get bagels and coffee before he went to work, and there was a door labeled "Employees Only". I asked if they had a bathroom, and they said "Well, it's only for employees, but you're pregnant, so you can use it." I was very grateful, but it's so funny! Is it because pregnant people make people nervous, like we will pop? Or because I am growing a human life inside me, and everyone thinks that's kind of a miracle? Either way, my bladder thanks you, bagel shop workers. And I know I said I wouldn't tell anyone that you broke the rule for me, but this only goes out to, like, the world. Or the 3 people that read it.

4. I wonder why we don't have recollection of life when we were just just born? I'm thinking because it is really traumatic, so God blocks it out for us. I mean, my poor little beanie baby will come out and breath air for the first time, be freezing cold I presume (which is the worst feeling in the world), and be handed from person to person, until finally it finds it's way back to me. And hears my voice and feels my heart and my warmth, and finally feels peace again. It really must be scary. I'm thinking I wouldn't want to remember that. So there, I settled that.

5. Maternity leave gives too much time to prepare and think about these weird thoughts. And too much inability to physically do much of anything else.

6. Maybe I'll go make a smoothie.

7. I had a contraction in the middle of the night. And there was discomfort and pain associated with it. And I got really excited. But then nothing else happened. The end.

dirt road Mama

p.s. I know, because I am married to a Left-Brained Mathematician, that it really annoys some people that I ended my list at an odd number. For this, I apologize. But I am a Right-Brained Artist, and I enjoy random things. I will, every so often, post about math and logic because the actions of left-brained people like my hubby fascinate me. So no worries. Even, divisible numbers and organization are in our future.

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