Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The More I Wait...

...the more I pack.

I actually keep packing, and then unpacking, and then packing again and more and differently. I could have easily packed in our giant luggage bag, but I refrained primarily due to sheer pride. I do not want to feel like I need to defend my massive week-long supply of clothing and supplies to the nurses while I am in labor. So, I worked very hard to cram all of our things into a small carry-on luggage bag. Not an easy task, I tell you! Seeing as I have to pack for Brett AND myself. And for baby, but baby's things are tiny. Luckily. Baby almost didn't get any packing space.

Anyway, that bag is DENSE. It is seriously difficult to roll. But it looks nice and compact, like the luggage of a sane person who threw things in nonchalantly as they began contractions. AKA, the opposite of me.

Some things I packed:
1. Very specific and beautiful pajamas. Cause pretty pajamas make ya feel pretty. As well as multiple cotton robes. I will stay in this attire as long as possible.

2. Movies and music that bring me peace. For laboring. In case it's hours and hours, I want Sweet Home Alabama, My Best Friend's Wedding, One Fine Day, and Singing in the Rain keeping me distracted. Or at least just being on the the background, like old friends. These are my comfort movies.

3. I forgot to mention The Hangover. Don't ask. It makes me laugh so so hard. I just love it, inexplicably. And that cute little baby in the closet will help me focus on my goal. Having a baby, not storing one in a closet.

Please notice, I plan to be in labor for at least 10 hours according to my movie preparation.

4. Tennis balls. I can't understand why tennis balls are a pregnant woman's best friend, but they just are. Something about the counter pressure on your back. I will lay anywhere with tennis balls in various sore areas of my back, and be in complete bliss. Dad bought me a brand new pack! So in they go.

5. Baby socks. Baby hat. Baby onesie. Baby sleeper. Baby blanket. Baby Baby Baby. Okay I'm done.

6. Toiletries. But not normal person toiletries. I gathered all my coupons and bought all new toiletries just for my hospital stay, because it makes everything easier. Now I have my bag packed, but can still get ready every day without worrying about throwing things in last minute. Plus I'm slightly fanatical. This whole process is so unpredictable, I need to be adequately prepared everywhere I can. And toiletries are something I can control.

7. Everything Hubby needs. Including new toiletries for him too. He has no idea, but when we get there, trust me, he'll thank me. Or he won't even notice until I point it out. But then, he'll thank me.

8. All of my favorite maternity clothes. Which adds up to way too many for a short hospital stay. But they are all coming, I need options people.

9. Cameras galore. For obvious reasons. Even though they have some ridiculous rule about "all cameras off from 10 cm to birth". Whatever. If you ask me, that's the whole point! Who wants pictures and videos of me casually laying in a bed, or of a nice clean baby? I mean, where's the drama? Kourtney Kardashian got to have cameras the whole time. Maybe I should be delivering in LA. Silly sensible East Coast hospitals.

There is a peek into my hospital bag! And that's probably only 40% of the items.
Thank you for accepting me for my neurosis.

Smile Today,

dirt road mama

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  1. Kourtney Kardashian also PULLED her baby out onto her stomache...without groaning...or screaming...or grimmacing...rare breed, I tell ya :)