Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Fathers Need Daughters

Hello. This is Husband. I have been promising my wife that I would 'guest post' on her blog for quite some time, so here it is. Apparently guest posting is not only accepted in the online community, it is encouraged, so here we go.

Ever since I began to think about having children, I have wanted a boy. Guys want boys. It is a known fact that a father wants a son in order to pass on his legacy. His family name needs to continue, and the ability to scratch, run, bleed, protect, bleed some more, sweat, and just be as tough as nails needs to be taught for generations to come. Guys cannot wait to have a boy to get started right away on the life-long lessons of boy/manhood. The truth of the matter, however, is that without women to protect, there would be no reason for men to be the way that they are.

This is why God has granted fathers with the blessings of daughters. I think that the idea of passing on 'man-stuff' to a son is a given, but I think that the true test of manhood is the ability to protect a woman, and in this case, a daughter. Let's face it, who doesn't dream about saying the phrase 'She won't date until she's 21', or 'Just wait until she brings that first guy home'. I know that I will be excited for this day because, without a doubt, when that little bastard shows up on my doorstep to take my daughter out, I am going to be cleaning every firearm that I own on my back deck while drinking Jack Daniels and cutting my nails with my old hunting knife. Honestly, who as a man would want to miss out on this opportunity?

I know that I am going to fight with my wife and daughter indefinitely about when she can wear makeup, how long her skirt should be, why she should wear a 1-piece bathing suit, etc. The reason that these fights are going to occur is because I grew up with two brothers and no sisters. Any girls that I grew up with were my cousins, and they were just as rough and tough as me- playing manhunt, building forts, and just running wild through the woods. I have a feeling that my wife is probably not going to encourage this behavior from our daughter. My wife loves the outdoors, but she is more likely to have our daughter wear dresses and paint their nails, even if it IS after they come in from the great outdoors. But she will definitely grow up much more familiar and knowledgeable about the outdoors than most girls, as well as not being afraid of ants, spiders, snakes, rodents, etc, and be comfortable with getting a little bit of dirt on her without freaking out. I am not going to raise a manly girl, however, because this would defeat the point of manhood.

Having a girl who can completely defend herself would almost make any guy who she would eventually marry (yes, it may happen someday) not be able to have the feeling of being the protector that he was born to be. Even though I get annoyed sometimes at my wife for making me come in and kill a 'HUGE SPIDER' that is actually about the size of a tick, it still makes me feel as if I am needed, because without girls, I would be pretty much insignificant.

Stay the hell away from my daughter,

Dirt Road Papa


  1. hahaha perfectly said Brett!!! I'll make sure my boys stay far away from Reilly!! ;) I'd like them to return to me in one piece thank you! :)

  2. I LOVE this! Very well written Brett! Congrats to you both! Gotta come up and see her soon!

  3. THIS IS SO BRETT haha, good job, Dirt Road Papa! That was awesome. Congrats :) Figure I'd hold my call to the new Mom and Dad til life settles down a little :)

  4. Well said Brett!! I'm so happy for you & Kate. Everyone always said that you'll be the BEST of parents(: Reilly is so lucky!! Love you guys!