Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Very Inconspicuous

Below is a picture of me and my baby. We are not very inconspicuous when we go places. I mean, people really notice us now. I will go somewhere, and kind of forget how clearly conspicuous we are, and just ask the grocery worker where the Flax Seed Meal is. And then she'll say "Um...I'm not's a seed you said?" And then I'll say "Well, kind of..." realizing she has no idea as to what food product I'm referring to. And just when she starts to speak again, and I think she's going to help me, she says, "So when are you due!!"

Oh dear. I almost forgot. They can all see my big baby and our big belly. And then I smile and chat about baby for the next 12 minutes with a complete stranger. And this happens roughly 16 times every day. And that's just with strangers, forget it if I actually see someone I know!

See how big we are now! Baby looks so cute in there, I can tell already.

But there is only one other thing that can make us stand out more. I mean, as if my giant appendage that says "LADY WITH A BABY" to everyone that I shuffle passed doesn't already draw enough attention...this weekend, we managed to stick out more than other days. How is that possible, you might ask? Well, imagine for a moment, besides the big belly, you have a person with one arm around your back, and one holding up your belly, screaming, "EXCUSE ME! WE HAVE A PREGNANCY!!"

Well, yes, that is correct. Sister loves to be conspicuous. And she literally walked next to me, "holding me up" in that manner everywhere we went. It almost caused me to topple over a few times. But she was convinced that the baby needed her extra support in walking around. Lord knows how we've survived getting around for 9 months! And she was also convinced that we needed a photo shoot on the golf course.

She really just wanted it to be her and the baby. I just happen to be attached to the baby at the moment. I told her she was probably going to crop out my face, because she usually just talks to my belly as if I'm not there. She said, "Don't be silly! I don't even know how to crop pictures!" ....Hm.

See what I mean? This is how we walked around. Not very inconspicuous. Gosh, it'll be so much easier when she can just hold the baby and isn't forced to hold the full grown adult as well. :)

dirt road Mama

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  1. hahahah I am laughing out loud right now!!!

    I love YOU and I love BABY!!!

    love always,
    the crazy aunt in these pictures!
    (you might remember me from this chick part 1, and dirt road sisy part 2 haha)
    love you sissss