Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Chick. Part 1.

So, my sister.

This chick is hilarious. Seriously. And she doesn't even try. Which is precisely what makes her hilarious. Her name is Melissa, and anyone who has spent any kind of time around her will have a story about her. A story that made them laugh, that made others laugh, but most importantly, that made Melissa laugh. Funny things just happen when she is around. And even she realizes that the things she says and does are things that just don't happen to everyone else, but she just can't seem to help it! So, she laughs along with everyone. Usually harder, actually. Which is what makes her so lovable.

Now don't get me wrong, I would NOT call her ditsy. Ditsy people can be annoying, and not very intelligent. This chick is not annoying, and she is currently working on her second Master's degree at the age of 24. Second. Count em. One. Two. Okay, I'm done braggin like a proud Mama. But anywho, she's not ditsy. She is just...funny. And now, a story from this weekend, to illustrate my point. More stories will follow in the coming days, but so much happened in one day, I feel the need to separate it for your sanity.

A Day in the Life of Sissy

Event 1: The Dunk.

Sissy has an obsession with Dunkin. Dunkin Donuts, that is. When I told my Mama that we were going to wake up early Saturday to shop, she simply stated "Okay, and on the way, we have to get Melly her Dunkin." And I totally understood. Most people need their morning coffee. But Melly needs her morning Dunkin iced coffee. Only iced will do. And only Dunkin. She's not a coffee snob, just accustomed to her daily routine. Oh, and at the Dunkin by her house, she doesn't even need to order. She walks in, and they hand her her coffee. Yes, she is one of those. But it could be worse. She could have that rapport at the liquor store. Then, we'd have issues people!Personally, I'm a Starbucks girl, but I love me some Dunkin. So we were more than happy to stop prior to our journeys of baby shopping.

And then we get to the drive-thru.

Scene: Hubby is driving. I am in the passenger seat. Mama and Sissy are in the back.

Sissy: Oh no, the drive-thru.
Me: What's wrong?
Sissy: order is kind of difficult to make in the drive-thru.
Me: What do you mean? Just tell him (Hubby) what you want...
[Hubby pulls up to microphone]
Dunkin Worker: Hello, would you like to try and bagel twist?
Hubby: Hello, not thank you, may I please have a large hot Hazelnut with milk. And 2 medium hot Hazelnut with milk and sugar.
Dunkin Worker: Sure, anything else?
Hubby: Yes...Mel what did you want?
Sissy: (rolls down back window, hangs out of the car, and starts yelling) Um, hi! Can I please have a large ICED COCONUT coffee, with SKIM milk, and ONE SQUIRT of caramel swirl sauce?
Dunkin Worker: ........Wow.

I'm not kidding. That was her response. She actually said "Wow," and that was it. I almost peed.

Then sissy proceeded to explain to us why she likes the skim, why coconut is the flavor of choice, and why the ONE SQUIRT of caramel swirl sauce is just the perfect amount of sweetness, over sugar or Splenda. And be careful not to say a SHOT of caramel, because they will put in the wrong substance. Oh, and how her boyfriend refuses to place this order for her when they go together.

But let me tell you, that coffee was delish.
Just goes to show you, if you aren't afraid to be laughed at by the Dunkin workers, you get a darn good cup of coffee.

At the end of the weekend, Hubby said, "Mom, thank you so much for all your help with the baby's room. And Melissa, thank you for the entertainment."

We just love her. Isn't it easy to see why? She keeps you laughing. Really loudly. And her heart is bigger than the Grinch's after it breaks the heart-measuring device.

"Dirt Road Sister - Part Dos" coming soon. Stay tuned. :)
[Update: Read Part 2 here!]

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