Thursday, May 6, 2010


So my Mama & Daddy got me a new lens for my camera!! It was a pre-baby gift, so that I have a beautiful lens to take close-ups of tiny toes and fingers. I took these shots yesterday while experimenting with my new toy!

I just love wishing flowers! I just recently found out that they are also dandelions...but I prefer the term "wishing flower". Makes everything more mystical.

Wishing flowers in the wind!

Look where my focus is on this one - see the little pollinating bug?? It's very teeny!

Wanna know something fun? One of these flowers is smaller than my finger nail!

Hello, pretty violet. You are a pretty subject for my new lens!

Okay, one more!

Tree bark. I love trees.

My apologies if these photos bore you, but they are just so beautiful to me! But really, how much cuter will close ups of little baby be?!

dirt road Mama

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  1. can you photograph my wedding? Seriously, I think your pics would be better than the professional studio's...