Sunday, August 15, 2010


Three months old! I can hardly believe it's true. Weren't you just in my womb? Didn't you just fall out of me? Fastest three months of my whole life. Were they the fastest three months of your life, babygirl?

Here are some changes that I have noticed this month. It was the most changes I've seen yet!!
1. Reilly smiles!! A beautiful, bright, contagious, bashful, dimpley smile. YES she has a dimple! A perfect little dimple on her right cheek. Look at this face...

[Attention. I have no idea why only one snap is snapped on her onesie. This is mortifying to me. I can only guess that it was not me who changed her last diaper? But who would have left her looking so disheveled? I guess it's better than a poop stain. Sorry, baby!]

2. She is a little chunky monk! All my breastmilk is chunking her up, and I love it. Her cheeks are so kissable, and her thighs are rolly polly and delicious.

3. She talks! Well, babbles. She will lay in her crib in the morning and make happy squeely noises until we come in. Then she smiles and squirms around all excited to see us.

4. She laughs!! It started last Tuesday, she starts squeeling and screaming with this huge smile on her face. In the course of the week she started really laughing, and it's the greatest sound in the world. Also, when she is really laughing, she starts hiccuping. How hilarious is that.

5. She kicks up storm! Which is not new. But it never ceases to amaze me how much she kicks. She has been a crazyyyy kicker since the womb. She would kick me in the middle of the night, all day long, starting at 5 am as soon as she heard Brett's alarm. The doctor would ask if I was counting her kicks, and I laughed. I would literally be counting all day. And she's still a little kicky girl! Her legs are blurry in most pictures of her. It's so funny.

6. She found her hands! She always tried to put her fists in her mouth when she was hungry, but now she has discovered them. She holds them up in front of her nose, and twists them around studying them. It's adorable. And she's opening her fists and separating her fingers!

7. She is imitating sounds. If you say "Hi-ee" in a sing song voice, she'll sing it back to you in the same tune. If she's in the mood. Sometimes she just stares at you.

8. She loves reading! She will sit in my lap as I read to her. I just keep reading until she get squirmy, and she sits for like 4 books!

9. Finally...drum roll ...SHE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! She has slept from 9 pm till 6 am!! Several nights now. It's glorious. I love sleep. And the morning. And my sleepy wonderful babygirl. It's certainly not every night, but now she is capable!! She can do it. When she wakes up, I praise her for about 20 minutes telling her what a good girl she is and proud I am of her, hoping the positive reinforcement works. I wish I could reward her with ice cream or something.

I fall more in love with her every day. And that is probably an understatement for her Daddy. She is so much fun, and just this happy little peanut that comes with us everywhere we go. I am convinced she could make anyone smile. I can't wait to see what next month brings!

Love & Growing Babygirl,

DR Mama

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  1. Isn't their first real laugh amazing! I literally cried w/ joy the first time Jake really laughed. It was the best and still is the best sound there is! Every mile stone is such a blessing and so much fun to watch!