Thursday, August 19, 2010

Strangest Dinner Craving

I haven't had a craving this strange since I was pregnant.

Disclaimer: I am not pregnant.

Anyway, not since I had a pregnant craving for broccoli casserole for dinner, doubled the recipe because I loved it and wanted to much of it, and then had one serving, vomited, and have never eaten again, have I wanted to eat something so much.

The reason why it is strange, is because I am craving a hot dog. Now don't get me wrong, hot dogs are great, very American and all. But I just don't cook them for dinner. I don't know why, they are just perfect for baseball games for me, not my dinner table. I actually found a package of hot dogs hiding in my freezer that have been there for 2 years. That is since we moved in. That is pathetic.

Anyway, this meal reminds me of my childhood. Hot dogs, with cheddar cheese, wrapped in crescent rolls. I'm making them with sweet Pennsylvania corn on the cob. And I am very excited.

P.S. Up until yesterday, I thought my mama invented this meal. Then I saw a kid eating it on a crescent roll commercial. And I was shocked that he crescent people knew about it.

Kind of like the time I thought my Dad invented the concept of a "Zerbot" (a "raspberry" on a child's tummy), and then I saw it on the Cosby show. I called him at the age of 20, quite confused.

I felt the need to share this for some reason. Thank you.

Love & Hot Dogs,

Dirt Road Mama

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