Friday, April 1, 2011

Excitement in the Pantry

When Mama is cooking dinner, what is better to do than rummage through her cabinets that she accidentally leaves open?

And then Mama notices, and I'm just so cute and having so much fun, that she doesn't even close the cabinets on me - she just let's me go to town! That some great Mama I have, huh?

She did, however take away the tiny bottle of alcohol that Daddy put in her stocking. Drats. They were just my size!

This is me swinging around a bag full of chocolate chips. It was so confusing...the bag was clear, I could see the chocolate in there! But I just couldn't get at them. But swinging it around was really fun!

And then there was that great rattle next to me. Mama kept calling then Pine Nuts. She's silly. And there's my drum, or "oatmeal" like Mama kept saying.

And my sock is missing, as you will notice. I made up this style myself, do you like it? I rip one sock off, and then swing it around a while, and then I hide it where mama can't find it for a while. Good times.

Mama said, "Smile!", and I made this face. This is better, don't you think?

What is a better way to spend an afternoon, I ask you?

I gotta go get into more shenanigans! Gotta go! Talk to you later! WEEEEEEE!


Reilly Belle

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