Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rescued Signage

See the sign on top of my hutch?

It was lying sadly on the side of a road near us, peeking out from freshly melted snow. Someone must have lost it before the snow came! Thank goodness I was there to rescue it, so it can live happily in my home displaying it's message of the importance of locally grown produce.

Did you believe me?

Cause I'm fibbing. I made it. With the intention of having it look like I rescued it from a lovely farmer's market somewhere. Did it work? Did my handwriting give it away? Or rather...paint-writing? Isn't it funny that when I paint, my handwriting is the same as if I wrote it? Sometimes I think that's weird.

On another note...I can also reproduce any fonts when I'm painting. I don't know how or why really, but I can. But my point in telling you this is, if you want me to paint you a sign, it doesn't have to be in my 'handwriting'. It could be anything!

I described this piece of wood to my Hubby, and he created it for me. It's many piece of wood put together, painted white, and sanded for weathering. I love it. He created exactly what was in my mind. He know exactly what I'm thinking a lot, and when this happens, we high five. He got a high five for this one.

On a separate note, this is in the corner of my Easter hutch. It's my favorite thing ever to live on our hutch. Hubby made the birdhouse, with Spanish moss inside to looks like nest. I painted the eggs, which were plain wooden ones from Mike's. The "nest" is actually 2 little tiny twig wreaths, that are also from Mike's. And the bird is a bottle opener (see it's tail?!) that I got for my bridal shower (from Pottery Barn) and is just one of those random items that end up being perfectly adorable in your home.

My favorite thing = making decorations from nothing, or very little.

What decorations are you loving lately?

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