Thursday, March 10, 2011


It is official - as of yesterday - our little baby is a crawler!

Yesterday Reilly and I got together with some friends, one of which is almost 2. He is talking up a storm, running around everywhere, and SO interesting to Reilly. He showed her all of her toys, and talked non-stop to her, and she was utterly mesmerized by him. And his mobility. While we were there, she took for "steps" crawling across the room. (What is that called? Four "crawls"? It's such a difficult thing to describe.) It was her longest stretch, but seemed a bit like a fluke because she didn't continue.

We made joke about her chasing after her friend, and how he taught her to crawl in a few hours. And then I said, "Can you show Reilly how to crawl?" And he crawled around and said, "C'mon Reilly!" But still - all jokes.

Until that night. At around 4pm. When she crawled clear across the living room to reach my whisk. That I may have strategically placed across the room, knowing it would entice her. Strange forbidden kitchen utensil always get her. And it worked!!

And then, she crawled back across the living room going for the computer. It was amazing. Now she is slowed crawling around her toys, like a little baby turtle, just learning he has legs. Or a little baby bird, slowly fluttering two inches from the ground.

Or a little baby girl. Just learning to crawl.

She is amazing, and it is so amazing to watch her.

Love in Motion,

Dirt Road Mama

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