Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Jellybean

A few little stories about our Jellybean. The funny bunny that she is.

Our jellybean is a funny one. Like, really funny. She imitates hilarious things, and dances like crazy to anything mildly resembling music. She could be in a whining mood, and then Ke$ha's "We Are Who We Are" comes on, and a smile comes across her face immediately. It's her favorite song - maybe because Mama dances like a fool to it and makes her laugh.

She will also imitate me coughing or clearing my throat. She thinks it's a game. If anyone coughs, she looks at them, smirks, and gives them back a very fake and exaggerated cough. It's hilarious the things that she thinks are a game.

But I used this to my advantage! She is getting over a little cold, and she had some mucus that we heard rattling in her throat. I know, it's so pretty right? But I said, "I wish she could just cough...". And then suddenly, I thought of her coughing game that she invented! And I looked at her and said, "Rei Rei look at Mama!" and then coughed really loud. She immediately smiled, and coughed. A few minutes of this game later, and her cough was real and the rattling was gone. I felt good to put her down to sleep! Who says you need books on parenting? Our jellybean and our heart teaches us lots of what we need to know. And the internet.

This is Reilly watching the water run next to our dirt road. It's trickling and so pretty to listen to and watch. She giggles watching it, which is so cute that she realizes that it's a soothing and enjoyable sound. When we got to the big stream, which was roaring due to the melted snow, she started jumping in my arms and squealing. She'll be like her mama and daddy, frolicking through the streams.

True Story: I want a pillow the same print of babygirl's spring jacket. Such a fashionista.

We went to a show last night, and girlfriend was jumping and dancing with more energy than I every saw before. It was pretty hilarious. We were there for close to three hours, and she never tired of the people and the entertainment. It was so fun to watch her so happy, and making everyone around her laugh. She's kind of addicting, with her pretty chubby cheeky charm, and her wide-eyed innocent sparkle.

True Story: There was a woman who came up and seemed truly captivated by her as Hubby was holding her - and as I approached to put her hat on her before we left, I smiled as she cooed over our girl. Then I heard what she was saying with earnest: "I SWEAR, THIS IS THE CUTEST BOY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!" Then she said, "What's his name? Ryan?" And Hubby said, "Her name is Reilly!". And she continued gushing about our boy. I laughed and walked away before she saw her pink floral dress or striped socks and it got awkward. She seemed so adamant about her boyhood cuteness. I guess cute is cute, huh?

Speaking of cute - is there anything cuter than that Daddy right there taking his girl for a stroll?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Ahem. This happened against my will, and clearly against Reilly's.

"Daddy, get-this-off-my-head! First of all, it doesn't match my outfit. Second of all, Mama and I wear pinstwipes! Right, Mama?"

You tell him, babygirl! Get ready for your first full Yankee season!

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