Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blackberry Memories

So you all may remember my sister and her Blackberry, from previous posts. Or should I say, disasters. Good times. Well, this is an entirely different Blackberry from the one pictured there. I believe that was actually 2 Blackberries ago. First off, she got a new one when her plan was up. But she also dropped/destroyed it somewhere in there too, warranting a replacement Berry. I can't keep up with all the Berries, I just know it's never far from her hand.

Anyway, I got these pictures via email from my sissy. The email stated that she had "like a hundred" recent pictures of Reilly, and she decided to send her favorite ones. I thanked her for not emailing a hundred photos, and for taking such adorable pictures of her niece. She loves her girl, and loves photographing her via the Berry.

And Rei Rei loves her Auntie so much!

Reilly stole my lip gloss.

Then she stole my magazine and tore it up. HA.

Then she ate spinach and decided to casually remind everyone how big she was.

Then she got dressed up all pretty for an outing with Mima. Now you know where she gets her mysteriously blue and mysteriously giant eyes.

Then she got all tuckered out in the car. And made her adorable sleeping face, of which I am so obsessed with that sometimes I want to wake her up. But I don't. But I think about it.

The End.

Thank you Aunt Mimi for being addicted to Blackberry!
Thank you Blackberry, for taking pretty pictures!
Thank you Aunt Mimi, for just being pretty!

Love & Berries,

Dirt road Mama

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