Friday, March 11, 2011

Sneezing Babygirl

Here is a video of my hilarious laughing girl.

After having little colds for a week or so, babygirl starting imitating me when I was sneezing. So I started recording her and fake sneezing. And then she decided that I was really hilarious with my fake sneezing. And her hysterical laughing ensued. Of course, this took place during her happiest time, our daily YoBaby lunch.

As a disclaimer, my hair does not always look that sopping. I had just gotten out of the shower, and was feeding her with my hair soaking wet. Figures, she never does funny things when mama looks awesome. Oh well, at least she's a cutie.

Watch this video when you are sad, I bet you will smile!

Love & giggles,

DR Mama


  1. Hi Kate,

    I have been reading your blog since about November now, when you were featured on Stonyfield Farm YoBaby Yogurt's Facebook page (I used to work for Stonyfield so I like to keep up with them and what they're up to via Facebook). You have such a talent for writing and I love reading about your perfect little family :) And Reilly! She goes without saying. What a beauty she is, and she seems to have such a great personality already! This video was so funny and as you predicted, I smiled! If that was YoBaby she's eating, as I suspect, you really should message them on Facebook and I'm sure they'd be happy to post this video on their page. Too cute for words!!! :)


  2. I didn't even know I was featured on their page!! That is so funny...I have to go check that out, and find out how I got on there! it sure is YoBaby that she was eating, it's all we eat. I'm terrified for when she gets to YoToddler, because that would mean that she is growing up! :) Thanks for reading, and thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely send it to them!