Monday, March 14, 2011

Under the Family Table

They say that the best moments happen around the family table. Well, Reilly disagrees.

See, she can form opinions now due to her new-found movement. And she can go places. Places that SHE wants to go. Places that, usually, Mama would rather she not go. Places painting table. There is just nothing good that can come from a baby near a painting table. Or the front doormat. Also known as, the dirtiest place in the house. People feet are wiped there on the daily, for goodness sakes. And yet, something pulls her there.

One place she is allowed to hang out though, is under the kitchen table. She loves it there. She crawls under there, bring her toys, spins around, investigates. It's glorious.

This is Reilly enjoying her favorite spot on a gloomy day.

We wear sweats when it's rainy.

She took a well needed break from crawling to chill out on this chair.

Off she goes! Like a little turtle. She really crawls EXACTLY like a turtle walks. Very slowly, very deliberately. It's hysterical.

Love & lots of sweeping,

dirt road Mama

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