Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Happenings

With a baby around, there are tiny hilarious things happening every day. I email them to Hubby and family, and capture them on video when I can. With a little baby toddling around, things are just bound to be that much funnier, and sillier. Consequently, the little one brings out the silly in us as well. I want to keep record of the funny things that Reilly does and says as she gets older. For today, just a few things that I want to record while I'm thinking of them.

1. I think if someone counted how many times I said the following sentence, they would lose count. "Reilly Belle, good girls do not eat rocks!" Reilly still loves putting things in her mouth, especially if they are dirty things front the outdoors. Such as rocks, sticks, grass. This coming from her Mama, who put a handful of sand in her mouth as a toddler. I guess I had this coming to me. Who knew eating dirt could be hereditary?

2. Weaning is actually going quite well. Despite my refusal and how sad it makes me that I won't be breastfeeding soon, Rei girl loves her whole milk, and we still get our snuggle time. We are still breastfeeding at nighttime. The other day though, around lunchtime, Reilly wanted to tell me she wanted some milk. So she did the only thing she knew - she pulled my shirt down, looked down at her milk source, then looked up at me and signed "Please". I almost cried. She's the sweetest little bean.

3. This is a funny story about Hubby and baby. Yesterday, we got back from a weekend away, so our house was filled with bags and things that needed to be unpacked. I was unpacking, and making us some eggs for dinner. Hubby was unpacking some things too - in and out of our room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Reilly was following Hubby around. In our room, in the bathroom, digging in the bathroom garbage, climbing on our luggage, unpacking bags that were opened, throwing things around the kitchen - you know, typical things. Hubby was chasing her around, taking things away from her, closing her out of rooms, taking her away from the garbage.

Then, in the midst of laughing at how silly Reilly was, Hubby says, "What's wrong with her today? She's crazy, huh?"

To which I said..."What?"
I couldn't understand what he meant.

Then he said, "Well, I mean, she's not like this every day, right? Getting into everything like this? Crawling all over like crazy?"

To which I responded, "YES! This is her every day. This is my life. This is so normal!"

Motherhood: The absolute best, and absolute craziest job in the world. No days off, no sick days - and the best benefits ever.

Fun Fact: Every year, figures out what a stay at home mom's salary would be based on all the work that they do; cooking, cleaning, teaching, and being "CEO" of the family being raised. This year: it's $115,000.

I like getting paid in giggles. And these little moments of every day love.

Love & Sillies,

DR Mama

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