Friday, May 6, 2011


All growing up, my mama would always say that Mother's Day was her favorite holiday. When we would ask why, she would say because we, her kiddies, and her title of "Mommy", are what she is most proud of in life.

She always said that. I knew that on that day, we celebrated her and everything she was and is to our family. Everything she did, everything she gave. We pampered her, and spoiled her, like she did us every day. But I didn't really get it. Not really.

And then this happened.

Now I get it. The day I became a Mama.
It will always be the most profoundly emotional, most life changing, most heart wrenching day of my entire life. Heart wrenching in a good way. Heart wrenching in the way that it feels like your heart is being pulled, tugged - that it will explode with the amount of love and happiness that fills it. The way that only a mama can feel, when another human being grew inside you, and then comes out and is on your chest.

Miracle seems like an understatement for this amazing event that God orchestrated. It happens every day - people becoming pregnant, people having babies - but it will never seem mundane to me.

That day. That day that you become a mother for the first time. Imagine feeling the most intense pain that exists in the world (no meds whatsoever, thank ya), and also the most intense happiness that exists in the world - in a matter of minutes from each other. All in the same day. It's almost too much for one heart to hold.

So now, I love this day. This day that celebrates my child, my future children, my mama, my favorite title I will ever hold, my career, my life every day since May 13 last year. I think it's amazing and wonderful that Mother's Day, and the day that I first became a mama, fall within days of each other. My first born baby's birthday, the anniversary of my first becoming a mama, and the celebration of motherhood, will always be linked so closely.

What a reminder and time of reflection this time of year will always be for me. A time to think about all that motherhood means to me, and all that God has blesses us with.

Thank you Mama, for showing me everything great that a mama should be. Thank you Hubby, for loving me, making me a mama, and working so hard so that I could do what I love. Thank you angel baby, for making my every day, an absolute joy.

Mama? I get it now.

Love from a Mama's heart,

Dirt Road Mama

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