Thursday, May 26, 2011

Showers of Love!

It's been a little while since we heard about my little bridey! Here's a few snapshots from her bridal shower. It was beautiful and warm and filled with love, just like she is.

Here she is arriving with her handsome groom! Hi E!

The groomy and his mama. Too sweet.

This is what the Mama of the Bride and MOH's car looked like upon arrival for set-up! Mama and I thought it was quite a gorgeous and joyful trunk. Bonus: Bed Bath & Beyond wraps their gifts in purple - the same as her wedding color! It brought everything together so nicely.

Our theme was "wine" (remember the Bach Party?), and our centerpieces were my favorite. We (along with a lot of help from our wino friends!) saved wine bottles, and took the labels off. Then we put beautiful flowers inside, and made table number labels as well.

Instead of a Wishing Well, we had a Wine Well! We asked our guests to bring an under-$10 bottle of wine of their choice. Good wine does not have to be expensive, and now they have delicious new wines to try! I made a "Wine Tasting" sign for their home, which you can see hiding behind the bottles.

Our bridey and all her purple presents! Pretty, right?

The bride and the Mamas!

Pretty and delicious cake!

There's me, proud MOH!

Busy bride greeting her guests, and a pretty shot of the room.

There's the wedding party! Love these girls.

Present opening was fast and efficient, thanks to our bridesmaid help! She got so many gorgeous things.

Ha. This one makes me laugh.

All her worky friends!

It was quite the busy day, and so so much fun. We played a really fun "Newlywed" game, where Melissa had to match Eric's answer. It was really cute, and everyone got to learn a lot about both of them, and their relationship.

And at the end of the shower, girlfriend passed OUT. It was so fricken adorable. She was a little angel the whole time, eating her spinach and grilled salmon off mama's plate. She giggles and clapped and was a perfect flower baby. And then she took a nap on her mama.

It was such a beautiful day with ladies that love and care for our bride. I'm so glad we got to spoil her and let her know how special she is!

Love & Wedding Bells,

DR Mama