Monday, May 9, 2011

Month by Month: Outtakes

In week of reflection, I felt like I needed to lighten the mood around here a little bit. This is my place to express my feelings and let out what's in my heart, and with the little one turning one, my first mama's day, and sissy getting married, a lot of what's in my heart is emotional and sentimental. But really, my everyday is so silly.

Like, REALLY silly.

As in, I often think that if someone had a hidden camera in my house, they wouldn't realize the ridiculous things I do all day to make girlfriend laugh. And the crazy things SHE does that makes me laugh.

So I thought, rather than my innermost emotions today, I would show you a bit of the hilarity of my everyday. The joy and laughter that has been exploding from our house this year.

First: A Revelation.
On Mother's Day, baby started giving kisses for the first time. I was overjoyed. She also has a cold. So, I said, "Give Mama kiss!", and she leaned right into my mouth, and there goes her boogies all over my mouth. Awesome.
Then, I realized that she peed on me on my birthday. Imagine? Eating boogers, and getting urinated on, on the days that you are supposed to be pampered, and not even caring?

Anyway, onto the outtakes. Month by month. Watch our little baby grow.

This is month 1:
You could see her little teeny banana arm. And her froggie legs. And her chunkies, which is what I call that perfect little roll under her chin.

Month 2:
HA. Shock. Those were my favorite pants. I miss them.

Month 3:
This is when she started becoming a human. And giggling. And becoming a little chunky monk.

Month 4:
This is when she started realizing that the paper on lap was edible.

Month 5:
I call this: "Uh, Mom. The camera just went off. Get with it, girl."

Month 6:
Mama is the only one caring about this photo shoot. Penny girl and Reilly are SO done with me.

Month 7:
Pretty girl, eating tulle.

Month 8:
Giggly girlfriend.

Month 9:
Peek-a-Boo Reilly?

Month 10:
HA. MY FAVORITE. She tickled her own nose with the stem of the paper clover. I'm obsessed with her.

Month 11:
What's with these ears, Mama? I mean, really.

Soon we will be doing the 1 year shoot. And I will cry. No I'm kidding, I won't.

But clearly, I will.

Moving on - can everyone that reads this pray for sunshine this weekend? We are celebrating Reilly's birthday, and my house is not big enough to fit everyone that loves her. And we are SO looking forward to celebrating the pretty little banana.

Love & Silliness,

Dirt Road Mama

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