Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kisses for Baby

Something you should know before reading this post - I have a little problem with deleting pictures from my camera. Not all pictures, just ones that melt my heart when I look at them. Even after I back them up, print them out, I just can't press delete. As you can imagine, this poses a problem recently, because every picture of babygirl melts my heart.

So on Mother's Day, we had a little photo session outside. Hubby took pictures of me and my girl, and our pretty green forest. And luckily, he caught a pic of her giving kisses. This makes me happy beyond belief.

Just look at my little sweetness. And then, as I was flipping through the pictures he had just taken, I suddenly flip and gasped. Right after this kissing one of us, was this one.

Right next to each other. How could this be? How could she have fit inside my palms such a short time ago?

But then again, how can I not love these baby kisses?
I love that she's growing from my baby, to my girl.
Cause she's just the sweetest girl I could ever have by my side. My little soul sister.

Love & Kisses,

Dirt Road Mama

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  1. Yesss!! that's the shirt. You look fab. (: