Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, I have a toddler. It's official. I didn't think a baby turned to a toddler at 1 year...I don't know when I thought it happened, but not right at 1. I mean, it's so soon! So she's on Yobaby for 6 months, and now BAM! YoToddler? Craziness, is what it is.

Anyway, it's so funny, because I'm noticing all these toddler-y things already! It's like she is changing before our eyes. More words, more imitation, more gestures. And seemingly overnight! She is cracking me up daily.

[New words: Up!, Elmo (Eh-Oh), button (when she points to her belly), Hi (more pronounced, Hi-eeee), Woah (strangely, used appropriately, like when I am opening a gift for her)

Take the other day, when we were doing laundry. She LOVES taking the clean clothes out of the pile, or laundry basket, or perfectly folded areas in which I place them. She whips them around, and throws them over her head, and bounces around, and kicks, and pulls them off her head and says "ah-BOO".

Yes, it was laundry day. Her PJ's don't completely match. But they are both pink! So there's that.
And then, I got a flashback.

To this.

Our little Martha Washington.

We would put our cloth diapers (which we used as burp clothes, not diapers), around her head like this in her tiny car seat to keep her tiny head and neck from flailing around. And we called her Martha Washington, even though she looked more like George, but she is a little girly girl. And now we call the cloth diapers "Marthas" instead of cloth diapers, and nobody knows what we are talking about when they heard us ask each other for them.

Anyway, point is, I had a flashback. To this little girl.

And her little chunkas. See them? Under her chin?

I love her and her tiny fists and her giant, giant cheeks.

Love & Martha,


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